For Kids By Kids – The Haunted School Part I by Dante O.

Chapter 1

Once there was a kid named James. James had two friends named Oliver and Owen. They loved scary stuff like IT One and two. They walked down a haunted road one night at 3 a.m. (Devil’s hour). But they were not scared.

One of the kids at school dared them to go to the haunted school at 3 a.m. They knew that school . And it was scary. But they accepted the dare. And rumours started going around that James, Oliver and Owen were going to die.

All week James, Oliver and Owen were thinking about the dare. They all had bad dreams about the dare. 

Chapter 2 

Tonight was the night. It was 3 a.m. and they were tired. They were in front of the school at the gate. It was raining with the occasional thunder or lightning. 

“Okay let’s go,” said James. So they turned on their flashlights. They opened the gate and it made the loudest noise in the world.

They walked in to the yard. You could see moss growing everywhere on the school. They tried to open the door. It was locked, so they tried all the doors. They were all locked. As they were leaving, Owen saw a window open to the school office. So all of them climbed through the window and started walking around. 

There was stuff all over the place. They saw papers on the ground and filing cabinets with dents in them. They walked into a weird room that had lots of names on it with rules like “William no spitting, punching or running.”

Oliver thought that it was a good time to tell Owen and James that when they were walking up the stairs something spat on him. And then all of them heard a loud bang. Something had pushed over a filing cabinet.

Chapter 3

Now it was 3:30 a.m. And by this time they were really scared. But then James said, “okay guys we are done here, let’s go home.” 

As they were walking out they saw something that made their hearts drop. It was down the hall. About 10 feet away from them was a tall lady with blond hair and grey skin staring at them. She was floating with her head down. So they ran down the hallway with their flashlights on. 

James, Owen and Oliver were still running but then they saw the office. They closed the door and barricaded the door with a chair. 

But when they turned around she was standing right in front of the window. James said, ”how are we going to get out?” And then in a blink, Owen was gone. 

James screamed. They started looking around and on the desk was Owen’s dead body. The lady was gone, so they jumped out of the window and called 911. The police and ambulance came to the school. So did James’, Oliver’s and Owen’s parents. Oliver and James were told to sit in a police car. But, they snuck out and heard everything the adults were saying. 

“There was a lot of paranormal activity in there. One of our officers almost went crazy hearing screaming and moaning,” said a police officer. 

One of the paramedics said “Owen’s body was very cold, like he had been dead for hours.” 

Chapter 4

Out of nowhere everybody herd a loud scream. All the police officers ran into the school with their guns locked and loaded. They saw a police officer on the ground paralised in fear. 

And then all the police officers saw the same scary lady standing there. Then the whole building collapsed on all of the police officers.

The same lady ghost floated out of all the bricks and all the other stuff with all the spirits of all the police officers. Owen’s spirit was also there holding the lady’s hand. 

All the parents drove away in the police cars with James and Oliver.

Chapter 5

The story about the school was all over the news. Oliver and James both went to the funeral for Owen and the police officers. We both cried the whole time. Sometimes I still feel like he is with us in his spirit form.

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