HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 10

Luke and Ralphie

By Myles Ewald

Chapter 1

This is Luke Rodge and Ralphie McDoodle. Luke has a blue and whight T-shirt and black shorts. Ralphie has a red shirt and crazy hair. These two boys were best friends, they did everything together.

Chapter 2

Homework Home Run

“… And it’s due on Monday at 4 o’clock, NO LATER!” said Ralphie and Luke’s teacher, Ms. Snapper.

Ms. Snapper was the worst, all she ever did was yell and give homework. Everyone at Gray Water Elementary School thought she was a witch – even the other teachers! She was very tall and very skinny. She had long black hair and big glasses in the shape of a triangle.

Ms. Snapper’s favorite thing to do was make children feel bad about themselves. Ms. Snapper hated all children, especially Luke and Ralphie. In fact, all of the teachers hated Luke and Ralphie. It’s not that they were bad kids, sometimes they followed the rules or did good things. It’s just that they never get recognized for the good things they do. Like the time when Ralphie mowed his grandma’s lawn: he did more than a tenth of the yard but she still didn’t pay him.

“Ding dong!” rang the school bell. This meant that school was over and it was the weekend! Luke and Ralphie skateboarded home as fast as they could, which was not very fast since they were carrying a stack of homework as tall as themselves.

“My arms are so tired!” said Ralphie. “I think they might fall off if I dont put this stack of work down!”

“Lets rest here for a minute.” Luke said.

The boys put down their homework and sat down for a rest. Then suddenly out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blew all of the boy’s homework away.

“Hooray!” cried Ralphie. “Now we don’t have to do our homework!”

“Are you kidding!?” yelled Luke. “If we don’t get that back Ms. Snapper is going to kill us!”

Luke and Ralphie ran faster than they ever had in their whole life. The tornado of homework blew right into a construction site.

“How will we get over the fence?” asked Ralphie “Wait I can climb the tree!”

“No! Wait…” said Luke.

“I’ve just got to reach that branch,” panted Ralphie.

“Ralphie, wait! There’s…” yelled Luke.

CLONK! Ralphie fell out of the tree and landed face first in the dirt.

“How did you get to the other side?!” asked Ralphie.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” said Luke. “The gate is open!”

“ Oh.” said Ralphie.

They kept running until suddenly Luke tripped. “AAAAAAAAHHHHH! I tripped!” yelled Luke. “AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Me too!” yelled Ralphie. “AAAAAAAAHHHHH! I fell in a hole!” yelled Luke.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Me too!” yelled Ralphie. “AAAAAAAAHHHHH!” I’m still falling!” yelled Luke.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Me too!” yelled Ralphie.

CLONK! They hit the bottom. “AAAAAAAAHHHHH! A Dinosaur!” yelled Luke.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Me too!” yelled Ralphie. “Wait… A dinosaur!?”

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!” Both boys screamed as they were running for their life.

“I… think… we… lost him.” said Ralphie out of breath.

“Let’s build a shelter because we might be here for a while.” said Luke.

“Speaking of here, where are we?” asked Ralphie.

“I think we traveled back in time when we fell in that huge hole.” said Luke.

“So, how do we get back home?” asked Ralphie.

“I guess we fall into another hole.” said Luke.

“Oh. Well at least things can’t get any worse.” said Ralphie.

Chapter 3

Things Get Worse (Much Worse)


“AAAAAAAHHHHH! What happened?” cried Luke.

“We just got picked up by a pterodactyl!” yelled Ralphie.

The pterodactyl must have realized that the boys were not food because he dropped them into a huge river. SPLASH!!

“That wasn’t so bad,” said Luke. “This is actually quite relaxing. Wait, why are we moving faster?”

“Because it’s a WATERFALL!” yelled Ralphie.


They landed in the water. The good thing is it was deep enough that they did not get hurt. The bad thing is that a brontosaurus was drinking nearby and picked them up in its mouth before walking away.

Finally after two hours of walking, the brontosaurus dropped the boys onto the ground.

“Geez,” said Luke. “That was a crazy day.”

“Well we better get to bed,” said Ralphie. “Maybe we should take shifts, I’ll go first.”

“Ok,” said Luke.

Chapter 4

Getting Home

That morning the boys set out to try and get home, but they soon realized that it was going to be very hard.

“Man,” said Ralphie. “Who knew digging to the future was so hard?”

They dug for hours and hours and hours with no luck. Just then, they heard a dinosaur that was yelling for help. The boys ran toward the noise and they saw a triceratops that was stuck in some ropes.

“ROOOOAR!” said the triceratops.

“It’s ok,” said Luke. “We’ll help you.”

“We will?” asked Ralphie. “I mean, yes we’ll help you.”

Luke got a pair of scissors to cut the triceratops free.

“Where did you get those?” asked Ralphie.

“They were still in my backpack from school,” said Luke.

They cut some more ropes and then the triceratops was free.

“Hey,” Ralphie asked the triceratops. “Do you know of any giant holes around?”

“Rooooar,” said the triceratops.

“Come on,” said Ralphie. “Let’s follow her!”

They followed the triceratops for a long, long,

looooooooooooong time when finally they arrived at a huge mountain.

“Roar,” said the triceratops.

“So, we just climb to the top of that mount

ain?” asked Luke.

“Rooooar,” said the triceratops while nodding its head.

So the boys climbed for what seemed like h

ours and they finally got to the top.

“So, where’s the hole?” asked Luke.

“I don’t know,” said Ralphie. “Let’s look around for it.”

The two boys looked and looked until … “I found it!” exclaimed Ralphie. “Come on let’s jump in it!”

Chapter 5

The Big Surprise

They jumped into the hole and fell and fell and fell until they finally hit the bottom.


“For some reason my backpack feels so heavy,” said Ralphie.

“Well what’s in it?” asked Luke.

“I don’t know,” said Ralphie. “I’ll check.”

He unzipped his backpack to a big surprise.

“Oh-no!” said Ralphie. “This is bad!”

“What?” asked Luke. “What is it?!” … “It’s a dinosaur egg!” said Ralphie.

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