HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 9

In Memory of Elle

By Rixon Watson


I would like you to know that 1000 words cannot describe Elle. Elle lived to the age of 9, from July 1, 2011 to April 19, 2020. She passed away due to a heart issue called thrombosis. It is a heart disease which clogs the blood flow to the legs. There are six levels of this disease – six being the worst. She had a five out of six, but I do not truly like talking about this so we will move on to her life.

Elle’s Life

Elle was a spoiled cat. Some would say she did not do much, but they would be wrong to think that. Elle did quite a bit: she ate, slept and she was not just a friend, she was my sister. Elle was the most intelligent cat I knew. Maybe not the most loving, but she did know when I was sad, sick or hurt. This is the story of her life with us.

We start in Toronto. We are just a normal family who wants a normal cat. My dad, mom, sister and I went to some place in Toronto where they sold cats.

Did you guess that they don’t return with a normal cat? If you did you are right. 

We went there to get a cat named Whiskey. However, when we got there we were surprised to see a door open with a black cat running straight out of it to my dad. She lay on my dad’s lap for a while. We decided that she chose us, so we chose her. When we put her in the cage, we realized she did not like it one bit.

As soon as we got home Elle rushed out of her cage into a tiny home. Elle’s first night she came on to my bed to go to sleep. She started puring like most cats do when they are happy, but I got scared because I thought she was growling. So, I started crying and after that long night, she did not sleep with me ever again.

I don’t really remember a lot of my time in Toronto. But, a year later we moved to Huntsville. It was here that Elle realized what her third favourite thing in life. Her top three most loved things were wet food, her servants aka her family, and now number-three was decks.

Yep, you read that right, decks. When we moved to Huntsville, my mom wanted a deck. Judging by how Elle loved to be on them, I would say that Elle agreed with the decision.

But, although Elle loved stuff, she also hated some stuff. Number-one was when people touched her belly; number-two was colours; and number-three was treats. Yes, treats. So, you see what I’m saying when I tell you she’s not an ordinary cat.

She was extremely smart. She would figure out when we were moving a light around or we were pulling the string. Everytime she caught us she would give us that face that said, “really? Come on, you can do better than that.”

Then one day something happened. A little white fluff ball enters Elle’s home. And one little cat  changed Elle’s three most hated things. Number-one was now The Fluff. 

Coco/the Fluff first came in and hid behind the trash. Elle saw Coco’s tail behind the trash and attacked it. Then, and only at that very moment, Elle realized that the white fluff was a cat! Elle ran and she hid for the rest of the day. The second night we had Coco she had a staring contest with Elle. In the middle of the staring contest, Coco fell asleep in the middle of it and Elle was still staring at Coco.

Elle would always steel Coco’s wet food. Coco would always try to bury it to prevent that, but to bury it she just scratches at the wood floor. Since that does not do anything, Elle would walk over to Coco’s plate of wet food and gobble it down.

We started to notice that Elle was becoming older. Her fur wasn’t as soft. It was getting harder for her to walk up the stairs. She was eating more and sleeping more. We did not think much of it because we thought that she was aging.

Then the day came when my parents got me up at 7 a.m. They said that Elle had an accident. We thought that she missed a step and fell down the stairs breaking her legs. I was crying so hard that I could barely see.               

My parents drove her to Sudbury where they had a place that was open. My parents came back at 10 p.m. without my cat who was part of our family.

We were sad, but it helped us all to know that she is at peace. Elle was my sister and a very good one too and in the end I am glad that we never took Whiskey.

She was in my dad’s lap in the beginning and there in the end.      

RIP Elle.

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