HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 6

The Magic of the Blue Moon

By Ember McLeod

Tonight is the magical blue moon and I was just drawing in my room.

“Lea get to bed and no drawing,” said my mother. “K,” I said. I turned out the light and continued drawing. I couldn’t stop drawing. The light of the blue moon was just bright enough for me to draw. Drawing is my favourite thing to do.

When I draw it makes me happy and I forget about my mother. I always draw my favourite characters, Stacey and Jacob. Stacey really liked sweets and was a master at archery and Jacob loved animals and was a master at swords. They are all that I draw.

As the magical blue moon shone on my sketchbook, bubbles started coming out of it, “Ah” I screamed quietly.  One giant bubble came out and popped. Suddenly one of my characters came to life. “Stacey!” I yelled. “Yep that’s me,” she said smiling. “Jacob!” I said loudly. “What are you, how are you, how can you?”

I never stuttered this much in my life. “I’ve had enough of this,” my mother yelled. She opened the door, grabbed my sketchbook and  threw it outside my window.

“Now go to bed. You have a lot of my work you have to do tomorrow!”  I couldn’t believe she had done that. She didn’t even notice that Stacey and Jacob were in my room.

“Why would your mother do that?” asked Stacey in a quiet voice.

“Mother is selfish and takes advantage of the fact that I am her child and I have to do what she says,” I explained. “I’m sorry to hear that,” said Jacob.

“Let’s get out of this lousy house,” said Stacey confidently. She hopped up on my window sill and said, “grab my hand.”

Before I could refuse, she grabbed my hand tightly and jumped “AHHHHH!” I screamed. 

Wings sprouted from Stacey’s back and we started flying. I forgot I made Stacey and Jacob have wings. Jacob was beside us flying and asked loudly, “where are we going?”

“Don’t know,” said Stacey. “How about we go to my Aunt’s house?” I asked.

My Mother and my Aunt have a very bad past so she won’t rat us out,” I said.

“If you say so,” said Stacey. I gave them the directions as we were flying in the sky. When we arrived there were no lights on in the house.

“Should I knock?” asked Jacob. “Sure,” I said nervously. I don’t know why I was so nervous she was my favourite relative.

She opened the door and yelled,  “LEA!!!!” and gave me the biggest hug ever. “Aunty!” I said with relief and joy. “Why are you here this late and why did your mother allow you out this late at night?” she asked.

“Aunty can my friends and I stay here for a few nights?” I asked.

“Of course come in, come in,” she said happily. 

“This is Stacey and Jacob”, I announced. “How wonderful,” my Aunt said. Then she led us to our room. “Sleep well,” she said while closing the door. We got some rest. When I woke up, I smelt bacon. “Bacon!” I yelled. I woke up Jacob and Stacey. “Let’s go get some “breakfast!” I stated.

We ran to the kitchen and ate breakfast. “Lets go to town today, ok?”

“Okay!” said Stacey excitedly. We drove to town in Auntys old Chevette. The car was very loud. When we got to town we saw posters everywhere.

With my face on it and big, red letters that said MISSING 12 YEAR OLD GIRL NAMED LEA (NO REWARD). 

My eyes widened as we all gasped with shock. Aunty’s face looked very disappointed, “I’m taking you back to your mother this instant!” she yelled.

Stacey grabbed my hand and whispered, “lets go” and we flew right into the air above the clouds.

“Where are we going?” I screamed because of how Fast we were going. Jacob yelled back, “we’re going to a place where no one can find us.”

“We’re going to a different world,” Stacey yelled.

We started to go faster and faster. We were getting close to space, until a portal opened and we got sucked in.

We started falling, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” I screamed louder than I ever had before. After a long while we landed on a soft purple lump.I was speechless.

How did any of this make sense? We’re in a world that is full of colour and creatures undiscovered, but it didn’t need it to make sense, because I’m free now and my mother can’t control me anymore!

“Here you can draw, play and explore to your heart’s desire,” said Stacey.

I made the biggest smile ever! 

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