HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 7 (Tie)

The Meanager

By Leah Maxwell

Hi, my name is Myra and I’m twelve years old. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I live at the Comfort Inn with my very annoying brother Anthony and my single mother Harriot. My favourite thing to do at the hotel is riding around on the luggage cart on the smooth shiny wooden floor.

My brother is the kind of brother that is always getting into trouble. One time at school he made a silky chocolate crayon and ate in front of the teacher Mrs. W. He asked, “want to try one of my chocolate crayons?” Mrs W. said, “why not?” Anthony gave her a real crayon. That didn’t end well. Another example, on a regular day my high school brother and his girlfriend pranked their teacher. First, the class had started. There is this rule that if you get a phone call during class you have to put it on speaker. So Anthony called his girlfriend and pretended to be a doctor and said, “Sophie you’re pregnant with a girl. What are you going to name her?”

The teacher felt sorry that he made her put the phone on speaker. Sophie said she was going to name the baby, first name, Just, and last name, Kidding. Anthony responded, “that was the best prank EVER!” 

My mother is a kind and caring person, but sometimes harsh. She is always there to help me and that’s all I need. At my hotel there is a needy manager Steven, and the candy girl, Polly. Then there is the rich girl and her dad that owns the hotel. Her name is Tatiana. She is dumb and when someone insults her, she doesn’t even notice.

One day at the Comfort Inn Anthony and I were outside looking at the stars when we saw a twinkling light soaring across the night sky.

I said, “quick Anthony! Make a wish.” We both said at the same time, “I wish to have superpowers.”

The next day, Anthony and I woke at 7:30 a.m. I could READ HIS MIND! It was incredible.

My mom came into the room and I read her mind too! She was going to ask us what we wanted for breakfast.

I of course said, “my favorite,” which is thick and chubby pancakes with the sweet splash of maple syrup and the fluffy creamy whipped cream; and last, but not least, the little tiny blueberries and perfectly fresh cut strawberries.

And thank God I got it, but right at 7:35 a.m. my mom said, “we’re out of maple syrup.” I was like, “NOOOOOOOOO! My life is ruined, If there is no maple syrup then there is no point to have pancakes. WHY MOM DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN THIS?! WHY?!”

Anthony started calling me a baby for the rest of the day. After that was done my brother found out that he had superpowers too. His superpower was super speed. He was faster than the speed of sound, like the Flash.

I called myself BW. It stands for Brain Woman and called my brother Quick Man. When we finished breakfast we went downstairs to the lobby to see what’s new and we found out that Steven had superpowers too!

He could make people do what he wanted them to do with his burning yellow beam. Another beam was the dark blue and deadly beam. The blue beam freezes people. It’s just like when you go to the Arctic in shorts and a t-shirt and have to jump right into the devastating and frozen water. Then you get out of the water and jump into the fluffy, but shivering snow with the light wind making you more frozen.

There is one thing that is wrong with this: Steven used his powers for evil. He wanted to make a devilish machine that could make children turn into adults! 

Steven used his yellow beam power to make minions and made one named Kevin and the other Scarlett. Steven called himself the Meanager and called Kevin the Engineer because he is the janitor and Steven called Scarlett bell women because she loves bells.

The Engineer made the machine that turned children into adults, but for the machine to work you need sparkling diamonds. The Meanager knew where to go. So he went off to find the rich girl, Tatiana.

The Meanager used his minions to tie up Polly and my mom. I went to save my mom and Anthony went to save Polly. Anthony used his super-speed to untie Polly and I ran. And ran. And ran to un-tied my mom. Anthony used his super-speed to run and stop the Meanager from getting the diamonds from Tatiana.

While I was running to Tatiana’s room I discovered that I had another superpower – I could use the FORCE! When I got to Tatiana’s room I used the force to take the diamonds from the meanager, but Tatiana already gave all the diamonds that the Meanager needed to make the powerful machine work.

Anthony was too tired to run and I was too late. The machine was WORKING! I quickly carried Anthony and Tatiana behind the mirror that Tatiana had because she loved looking at herself. The Meanager shot the bullet from the machine at the mirror and since it was a mirror, the bullet reflected off of the mirror and hit the meanager.

The meanager turned into a little, cute, but obnoxious, baby and everyone was saved! Then I heard a noise and someone was saying “Myra wake up! wake up!” I spoke, “Was I dreaming?”

Then I opened my eyes and saw my brother over top of me staring. I felt kind of relieved that it was a dream, but not that my brother was staring at me.

He said, “It’s time for breakfast. Come on.”

Well that’s the end of my diary today. I hope that I don’t wake up sweating tomorrow.

Later diary.

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