HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 8

Across the Road

By Morgan May

She sat in the porch swing as she always had, and drank her hot chocolate at the same time she always had, in the cup she always used. She watched attentively as the girl across the street tried something new. Every day the girl across the road tried something new and exciting. The girl in the swing, whose name was Bree, always watched the girl across the road fill her life with risks, excitement and fun.

Bree noticed that the girl across the road quite frequently had injuries. Bree had seen most of them happen. Bree had witnessed the fall from the tree that broke her wrist and even the slip from the laundry line that cost the girl across the road a broken leg. Bree had even called 911 when the girl fell from her handstand onto her head and didn’t get up. The girl had never known who exactly had called the ambulance that saved her, but Bree remembered it oh so vividly.

Bree always did the same things, because she was too scared to try new things. It wasn’t just change that scared her, it was fear of failure.

Failure was terrifying to Bree. Her fear kept her from trying new things, meeting new people and taking risks. But to the girl across the road failure meant wisdom and experience not fear. She loved the adrenaline and fear that pierced through her when she was facing her fears and going beyond limits. Bree envied the way the girl always had fun and the way she stared fear in the face and didn’t care.

The girl in the swing always did the same things she never took risks or faced her fears. The girl across the road, whose name was Camille, never understood why the girl in the swing never tried new things. Everyday she drank hot cocoa in the same cup. Camille took note of this. Every day Camille saw the girl in the swing in her bedroom reading the same book.

Camille eventually figured out that the girl kept reading the same book, it was almost as if the thought of slightest change in her life would be fatal. It was then that Camille vowed to herself to try something new everyday, and hoped that one day the girl in the swing would too. She waited for the girl to try something new but that day never came – so she made it happen.

Bree was speechless and shocked when the girl across the road started walking towards her helmet in hand and dragging a bike behind her. No sounds or words escaped her mouth as she sat in the swing dumbstruck as the girl handed her the helmet. When Bree finally got words to come out of her mouth she said “ My name is Bree.” Then the girl from across the road smiled.

“I’m Camille and i’m going to teach you how to ride a bike.”

Bree felt a rush of fear and excitement. Instead of letting the fear consume her she decided to let the excitement overcome her. So, she took Camille’s hand and on she went to live a new life filled with risks, adventures and most importantly her bestest friend in the entire world: Camille.

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  1. Morgan, You have painted a masterpiece about life and friendship and trying new things. Wow! Such a talented writer and an artist with words. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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