HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 1

The Case of the Stolen Ruby

By Beau Dickinson     

“I bet you can’t catch this one!” I said, as I threw the frisbee to my younger brother.

“Hey, be careful! You almost hit the watch Grams

gave me!” he replied, as he rubbed at his watch checking for scratches. 

“Time really does fly when you’re having fun, we’ve been playing for hours. Let’s go to the canteen.”

“Sure, race you there!” I said, getting a head start.

We found a picnic table under the shade of a big maple tree, where we sat to eat. We had barely finished when we heard an alarm going off that sounded like it was coming from Main Street. 

“Let’s go check it out,” I said.

When we got there we saw a person dressed all in black with a black ski mask covering their face. They were trying to run, but their bright orange high-heel shoes were giving them trouble. They got into a black car with a license plate that read ‘RBY4ME’.

 “Hey, look over there, the window at  ‘Jewels for Fools’ is broken,” said Joab.

”This looks like a job for the Johnatan Brothers, let’s go!” 

Since we had just been down at the beach, which wasn’t far from the jewelry store, we had made it there before the police.

“I, I don’t know about this Alex, maybe we should wait for the police,” said Joab.

“I’ve seen too many crime shows on tv, we don’t want this case to go cold. The police will thank us!”

I jot down a few things in my notebook that I noticed right away:

-Window shattered

-large ruby stolen from window display case

-Suspect #1 wearing all black clothes and mask, bright orange high-heel shoes

-black car with license plate ‘RBY4me’

I walked up to the door and to my surprise it was unlocked. Why would the window be broken if they could have just used the door? We entered the store, carefully avoiding the glass.

“Joab look, an old license plate.”

I picked it up and handed it to him. 

“Read me the license plate so I can write it in my notebook.”

“M..I..S..S..S..U..,” said Joab.

“Miss you?” That’s a weird license plate I thought, definitely worth writing down.

Just then, Chief Rowen arrived on the scene.

“What have you got for me this time, boys?” he asked.

I showed him my notebook, and handed him the license plate we found.

“Something we haven’t figured out yet though, is why the window was broken. When we got here, I tried the door and it was unlocked,” I said.

“Good work. I’ll take it from here boys, you can go home.”

The sun was starting to go down, and we didn’t want to be late for dinner.

“Race you home!” I yelled.

“You’re on!”

I had a good 3 second lead, when Joab stopped.

“What’s the matter, out of breath already?” I chuckled.

“No, Alex look!” he said pointing to an orange parked car.

“It’s the bright orange high-heels suspect #1 was wearing, I’m sure of it!”

I leaned on the car to get a better look inside. 

“That’s definitely the same shoes Joab!” I said.

“Alex look! You’ve got orange paint all over your clothes.”

I looked down, and it was true. The car had been freshly painted, and now I was too. I rubbed at the car. 

“Hey, look!” I said in excitement.

As I rubbed at the wet orange paint, it was black underneath.

“I bet you $5…” I said as I walked to the back of the car.

“Just as I thought! The license plate is ‘RBY4ME!’ We need to inform Chief right now. Let’s hope he’s still at the scene,” I said.

“Inform him of what Alex?” Joab asked.

“Come on, I’ll explain it when we get there.”

“Chief! Chief! We solved the case!”

“Boys? What are you still doing out here?”he asked.

“Chief, listen! Alex thinks he knows who stole the ruby!” said Joab.

“When we were on our way home, we spotted a car that had bright orange shoes in the back seat, just like suspect #1 wore. The license plate matched, but the car had been painted!” I exclaimed.

Chief stood for a moment, scratching his head.

“But why was the window broken if the door was unlocked?”he asked.

“Chief. Don’t you realize? The plates had been changed on the getaway vehicle, and in haste they just threw the old plate and it shattered the window which sent the alarm off. If you run the plates in your database, I think you will find that the plates belong to the owner of the store! ‘Misss u,’ is really, Miss Su!” I said, proud of myself

“Miss Su?” gasped Joab.

“Why would she rob her own store?”

“That makes a lot of sense now,” said Chief. I had better call dispatch and get them out looking for her. Miss Sue doesn’t actually own ‘Jewels for Fools’, it belongs to her Uncle. Her Uncle wants to retire and said he would be closing the jewelry store. Miss Sue has been saving money for years to live out her lifelong dream of owning an island and having monkey butlers. Without the job at her uncle’s jewelry store, she wouldn’t have enough money to do that,” said Chief.

Just then, Chiefs walkie-talkie was going off.

“Suspect in custody. We found her nearly two towns away, but we got her.”

“Thank-you boys for all your help. You solved the case of the missing ruby, and justice has been served. We couldn’t have done it without you,” said Chief as he got into his squad car.

“If you ever want a job, you’ve got one!” and he drove off.

“Joab, I almost wish I had broken your watch,” I said.

“Why’s that?” he asked.

“Mom is going to kill us for being home so late, race you home!”

“You’re on!”

The End


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