HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 3

Wolf Boy 

By Talia Martinez 

Chapter 1

Lost in the woods

Once upon a time there was a boy who was 12 years old and his name was Jonathan. He lived in a small house near the woods. 

He loved sleeping in the dark, hunting and running in the woods. His parents always thought he was a wolf boy but he didn’t really believe it.

He got made fun of sometimes because he was different from the other kids. His parents always told him everyone’s different in their own way.

One day he went into the woods with his backpack. In his backpack there was only a sandwich. All of the sudden he got lost in the woods.

He was sure he was going the right way. What would he do? He had tried everything. Rire, shelter, finding water, but finding his way back home wasn’t as easy as he thought. It was beginning to get dark. He was scared that he wouldn’t survive the night. 

Chapter 2


 It’s morning. When he woke up, he was so tired. After all, he was walking for a long time yesterday. He did not want to get up, but he had to because he wanted to go home.

He had just remembered that he has a sandwich in his backpack. He doesn’t want to starve so he eats two big bites of the sandwich. He can’t eat all of it or he wont have any for the next day. When he was done with the two bites of the sandwich, he went to find some water deep in the forest.

He knew he was taking a risk for water, but he needed it to survive. Three hours later, he was still walking for water. All of a sudden he felt really dizzy and weak. He felt like he was going to faint and then he did.

Chapter 3

Hungry wolves

When he woke up everything was blurry, so he began feeling around to see where he was.

All he could feel is fur. Finally he could see clearly. He could see that the wolves were eagerly hungry. They were ready to eat.

There was no doubt they were going to eat him. He was so scared but he couldn’t move. It would be worse if he did move. The wolf was getting ready to eat and then … 

Chapter 4


The wolf stopped and he looked almost as if he didn’t want to eat him. The wolf was howling all of a sudden and then the rest of the pack howled too.

When that wolf got close to him and pulled his shirt, taking him to a cave. It was so dark. Then they came to the most beautiful spot he had ever seen. He saw a big waterfall with fish in it, he saw blooming flowers, ladybugs, pink lady slippers, and a whole lot of wolves and their babies playing. 

Chapter 5


They had just arrived at the wolves’ meeting spot. Jonathin heard voices. He did not hear them in the distance, he heard them where he was. It looked like the wolves were talking to him but he couldn’t believe it.

No one told him that wolves can talk! This was not the journey he was expecting. The wolves were telling a story of a boy who turns into a wolf and he could hear what they were saying. They said the boy could survive like them and then they said that it was him!

He could not believe that he was a boy who could turn into a wolf. He fainted again.

Chapter 6


It was morning. He woke up in the grass. It was comfy. He had something on his mind that distracted him. How could he be a wolf? 

He wanted answers, so he went to the chief wolf. He had called him chief, but the chief said please call me Aron. He asked Airon politely, “how could i be a wolf?”

Aron answered, “your father was a little boy just like you. He had found out that he was a wolf like his mother and so on. He helped the whole pack and then he went out to hunt for food for the pack, but he had found your mother in the woods and never came back. That’s all I know.”

Jonathan asked if his mother knew that his father was a wolf. But Aron did not answer.

“Come on, Aron tell me.”

“No,” Airone said lightly.

He was surprised his father did not tell his mother.

Chapter 7


Jonathan is worried that his parents are worried about him. He’s going back home but he wants to explore first. Today was the day he was going to make friends.

He was just in time for one of the traditions called wyyou. In this tradition you play all day. There is no work. There are stories with the kids and lots more. He never knew that wolves could have traditions.

He was happy today and so calm.  Let’s go make friends with wolves his age. The first wolf was Vinoo the strongest wolf , and with him came the smallest wolf. His name was Lilo. There was one more. She is the most shy, but the smartest. Her name was Nora.

Jonathan said, “we should play tag.”

But what he did not know is that tag was very different here. Lilo bit Nora on the back then Nora started biting vinoo. Jonathan said, “stop, stop! What are you doing?”

“We’re supposed to play tag,” Vinoo said. “That’s how you play tag?” Jonathan said. “Can I teach you guys my tag?”

“Sure,” everybody said. “You have to tag with your paw,” Jonathan said. They started playing, and luckily everybody enjoyed it.

Next up is the feast and a campfire. Oooh yum. On the table they had fish, rabbit, pig, steak, and wheat, fresh grass and some apples that fell from the apple tree.

He couldn’t believe that there is so much food. He also couldn’t believe that his dad ate this stuff at home. He’s more of a vegetarian kind of guy.

He asked a wolf mother if she knew his father. She said yes they were best friends back in the days when he was 10 to 15 year old.

“Maa,m can you tell me about my Dad?”

“Well he enjoyed hunting, that’s for sure. He also loved playing near the fire with me at night.”

Jonathan enjoyed the comfort of her voice saying stuff about his Dad. After the feast was done they went to the campfire and then went to bed.

Five years later, Jonathan was 17 and he had many friends and everybody loved him. One day when they were playing all they heard were the Omega wolves saying, “the chief he’s dying the chief is dying!”

Chapter 8


Everybody went to see him. He was sick. A wolf asked what kind of medicine was needed.

“It’s an infection disease that’s deadly. We don’t have any medicine.”

Jonathan said, “I know where we can get it.” 

Everybody looked at him. Jonathan said I need to go home to get it. Everybody was sad, but he had to go to save the chief’s life. He said he would do it. A wolf said, “you need to train to survive your journey. “I will do it,” Jonathan said. “I will do whatever I can to help.”

The next day, an Alpha woke him up. “Let’s do your training.”

First you have to learn how to turn into a wolf. “Now,” the Alpha said. “Think of the happiest you have ever been.”

Jonathan closed his eyes and was thinking about when he was with his family and they got to their new house. There were nice neighbours there and nice friends. He felt like he was home. Now the Alpha said, “say lyana.” Then Jonathan said it. All of the sudden he turned into a wolf!.

The Alpha was surprised. Most people like him took a few years to learn this, including his dad, his Grandma and his Great Grandma.

From this day on the Alpha told all of the pack of how well he’s doing. All we had to do now was run. The Alpha said, “if you run into another pack say you’re a lito lito, which means a human that turns into a wolf. They will trust you. They have one girl who is the same as you.”

One month later he was all ready to go and one of the girl wolves gave him all of his favorite foods so he wouldn’t get hungry. He had to say goodbye first.

Chapter 9


First, he went to his friends and said goodbye with a game of tag. Then he said goodbye to the Alphas and Alpine wolves. They had a feast and then he went on his journey. 

Chapter 10

A Journey

He had walked for seven hours and then it was time to eat.

When he was eating, he saw something behind a tree. He turned into a wolf right away. Behind the tree was a girl who was just like him. She came out of her hiding place and turned into a human and said, “ou’re just like me.” Then she started howling.

Jonathan asked her what her name was. She said Nila.

“How can you do that?” Nila said. “Only my family can do that.”

The Chief appeared and he said, “that can only mean one thing. You two are family.” Nila and Jonathan could not believe it. “What’s your parents’ names?” Nila said. Jonathan answered “Alana and Patrick.” 

“That must mean that you’re my … my brother,” Nila said, messing up her words.

Nila hugged Jonathan and said, “I always wanted a brother.”

Jonathan asked how she ended up here. Nila said, “Come here. Follow me.”

When he followed her under the vines, it was just like the other wolf packs. Nila said, “I was just five years old and I was with my parents in the forest. I got lost but they picked me up and they treated me like I was their own. They taught me all of the stuff I know today and they saved my life.”

Jonathan asked “why can’t you go back now?”

Nila said, “Because they didn’t try to find me.” 

“You don’t know that,” Jonathan said.

“Please come back home with me,” Nila said “We will visit there.”

“Yes,” Jonathan said.

“Ok,” she said. “But I need to say goodbye too.”

“Ok,” Jonathan said. Then she was ready and they went on learning their names and about each other’s age, family, and stories.

Chapter 11


They finally arrived home. Nila had never seen her parents’ house before and she could hardly remember her parents. All she could remember was their eyes.

Nila said to Jonathan, “I was just five when I got lost, so I dont know how people live now.” Jonathan said, “It’s okay I will show you.”

They knocked at the door, but no one was there. Then they heard an engine. They turned around and Jonathan said, “That’s our parents.”

Chapter 12


Jonathan went up to them and he said, “Mom? Dad?”

They cried.

His father asked, “are you really my son?” Jonathan said, “yes father, I am your son.”

‘“Did she bring my son back home?” his mother asked, pointing at Nila.

Nila took a breath and said, “no Ma’am. This is my home, here with you guys.”

The Dad said, “I’m sorry, what?” Jonathan answered, “This is Nila, your daughter.”

All of a sudden the mother and father put their hands out to hug Nila. They were so happy she was okay.

When she got lost in the woods at five, she didn’t know what love was growing up, but now she knows.

Chapter 13


They went inside and their mother had asked where she was all these years.

Jonathan said, before answering the question, “can I talk to Dad alone?”

“Yes, hunny,” the Mom said. The Mom left the room.

Jonathan said ”Liona” and turned into a wolf.

The Dad said, “you have it too?” “Yes Dad. I do. Why didn’t you tell mom?”

“How do you know?” the Dad said. “Oh, I know. You’ve been with the wolves haven’t you?”

Jonathan said, “you have to tell Mom.”

“She won’t forgive me.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I will tell her,” the Dad said in a weak voice.

“I’m sorry,” the Dad said.

Johnathan said, “there’s one more thing, the chief is sick and I know the medicine to heal him.”

“We will go in the morning,” the Dad said. “But first we have to tell your mother.”

They were holding hands and called her, “Mom!”

She came. “What?” she asked.

“We, I mean, I have something to tell you. You might want to sit down. Liona,” the father said, and turned into a wolf.

“I know”, the Mother said.

“What? You know? How do you know?”

“The chief wolf told me. I love you anyways.”

Jonathan and Nila stood out and said, “we are too.”

The Mom said “It’s ok,” and they were hugging.

“Good night,” said the Mother and Father.

“Wait,” Nila said. “Tell us all about you guys and your secrets.”

And they stayed up late talking.

Chapter 14


Everybody went camping through the forest, through the cave to the chief. When they arrived, they gave the medecine to the chief and he was saved. He was so happy he got to see Patrick again. They also got to meet the Mom. 

They ate a bigger feast then last time. The kids were swimming, hugging and everybody was together and happy. From that day forward they lived with them and had traditions every day. 

The End

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