HPS Grade 6 Short Story Contest Top 10 – No. 4

The Haunted School Part II

By Dante Occhiuzzi

Chapter 1

After last year’s incident with the ghost at the haunted school, James felt really weird. He kept on sensing the spirit of Owen in his presence. 

So one night James and Oliver brought out an old ouija board. They turned off all the lights and put their hands on the little heart shaped instrument, that is called a planchette. 

James asked the first question, “are there any ghosts in our presence?” 

The planchette moved to yes. Oliver asked a question, “what is your name?” 

The planchette showed the letters O then W then E then N. James was scared. He asked,  “is this our friend Owen?” 

The answer was yes. James and Oliver were more scared now. If it was Owen, was he mad at James and Oliver for what happened last year? 

Chapter 2

James asked another question. “Do you still know the ghost lady from last year?” Yes was the answer. 

Oliver asked, “is she with you right now?” The planchette did not move, but seconds later they heard something behind them. It was the ghost lady from last year at the haunted school. 

She waved at them. Oliver ran but James stayed still as he was paralized in fear. 

The lady approached James but did not do anything. She just floated there looking at James. He looked up and he did not know what she was doing. 

Was she going to possess him? Was she just going to stare at him? 

James went to the ouija board and asked, “what is going on?” The board answered by showing the letters C, O, M, E, W, I, T,H, U,S. It told James to “come with us.”

“What does that mean?” James asked but there was no answer. The ghost lady started floating away. 

James grabbed the ouija board and followed the ghost to a place that he knew very well. It was Cry Baby Bridge, the haunted bridge that was believed to be haunted by a baby girl who died in a car accident with her mom. They say, the baby haunts the bridge to this day.     

Chapter 3

James was scared again. Everybody has been to Cry Baby Bridge, but nobody has actually seen the baby. They just heard the baby cry. 

There are many videos that were made and you can hear the baby crying but not see her. James was afraid that he would actually see the baby. 

But he was also wondering how the baby looked. Did she look like all of the fake photos people made to scare their friends or did she look completely different?

But at the same time James was also thinking would he see the mother. Or would he see both of them together? That would be very creepy?

Nothing happened for a while, but then James sees the ghost lady. She was saying something, but James could not tell what the words were. 

Soon enough, the baby appeared with the lady. James now realized that the ghost lady was the mother of the baby. 

The baby did not look that creepy, even though it is a ghost. It looked kinda cute. 

James pulled out the ouija board and asked “what is your name?” The baby spelled out I,V,O,R,Y. 

“So your name is Ivory,” James said. He also said, “nice to meet you Ivory, my name is James.” 

Out of nowhere they heard a car coming. Who could that be this early in the morning?

Chapter 4

He was scared again. He thought that it was the ghost car that the lady and the baby died in. But it was a real car.

James recognized the car as Oliver’s mom’s car pulled up to the bridge. Oliver and his mom got out of the car petrified at the sight of two ghost people floating over James. 

They thought that James did not know that the ghost people were floating over him. 

They said “come over here slowly James.” 

He thought that they were acting weird and said “okay why are you acting so weird?” Oliver yelled, ”two ghosts are floating above your head!” 

James said “yes I know, they are actually really nice.” 

“Are you crazy?” Oliver asked. 


Oliver’s mom said, “I’m calling the police.” But when she told the police what was happening, they did not believe her.

 Chapter 5

Oliver’s mom ran into the car crying her eyes out. But Oliver stared at James and the ghost people. He just stood there for ten minutes and finally he said, “please James lets go home.” He said, “fine.”

James said goodbye to his new ghost friends and put away the ouija board. Just when he went to give a final goodbye wave, the lady and the baby disappeared into the darkness. 

With that, they left. Oliver’s mom drove them away from Cry Baby Bridge. 

But on the way to James’ house he was puzzled. 

Why did the ghost lady and baby not say goodbye to him? That night James was lying in his bed wondering if he will see the ghost people again? 

He fell asleep and dreamed of his new friends visiting his house. Or maybe, it wasn’t a dream at all.

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