By Morgan May

Grade 7

In a colorless room where life seems to stop would you expect that a young girl with a colorless dress would be serving her time?

Chapter 1

Crayolina Rat was below average. Her grade average was a D. She had no friends and everyone at school despised her. Her nickname was Ratatouille, even teachers called her Ratatouille. She was miserable. Even her parents detested her. She was an embarrassment to not only her family, but her town. She lived in Brr Lake.

Brr Lake had been named after it’s incredibly numbingly cold lake. Crayolina was thrown into Brr Lake weekly by her exceedingly clever peers.  It was now mid February and -65 everyday in Brr Lake. The lagoon was almost quadruple that negative temperature. 

Darian, the toughest girl in Brr Lake, spent her life tormenting Crayolina. She seemed to be quite a monstrous and indestructible person with no weaknesses,  Crayolina thought otherwise.   Jasmine happily took the knife from her lunch and cut a small hole in the ice.  Grabbing Crayolina by her hair, they threw her in.

She was drenched. Her whole body was purple and numb. 

She was the happiest she’d ever been.

Chapter 2

Crayolina Rat was dead

Well, dead on the inside. Feelings never appealed to her. Happiness seemed too bland and just dull. Laughter was overrated. Why was it so amazing to make weird noises whilst smiling? Crayolina just didn’t comprehend it. 

It was now Saturday morning. Crayolina was awoken by someone knocking on her door. She assumed it was her parents so she stood up from her spot on the floor and opened the door.

Someone was shining a flashlight in her eyes and she could not see who it was but she heard loud and clear what they said. Once those words sunk in, she felt something heavy and hard strike her head, then off she went into the night never to be seen by any else but one young girl. 

Chapter 3

Crayolina was quickly awakened when someone unfamiliar began to speak. Her vision was fuzzy and her ears were ringing. She heard him say something about bites and bloom.

When someone else spoke it gave her a startle, not only because she didn’t recognize the voice, but because they were speaking unbelievably loudly. She then realized the voice was one of a woman. Her voice was loud, vivacious and somewhat elegant.

She turned her head to see this marvelous woman, and when she did, she was surprised. The so called elegant lady was as beautiful as she had imagined. She was covered head to toe in red.  She looked wet. 

Crayolina’s head was aching though she couldn’t remember why. The only thing she wanted was sleep. The lady was now showing the unfamiliar man something sharp and kept saying something Crayolina couldn’t hear. If only her ears would stop ringing.

The lady still seemed like a mother, she looked especially nurturing. The image of Crayolina as a baby with a mother who actually loved her, was the only thought she had as she dozed off, not remembering where she was: a mistake she would pay for later on. 

Chapter 4 – Part 1

The temperatures in Brr Lake began to fly above negatives and into the twenties. Brr Lake was now beginning to dissolve causing major floods all over. All kids were trapped in their schools, parents trapped at work and no one to help. It was pure mayhem. Because of Brr Lake’ s non-existent news team, police force or fire team, no one anywhere knew what was happening. But who’s to say they would even care? People in Brr Lake were now starving and hallucinating from the deprivation of sleep. Life was great.

Chapter 4 – Part 2

Crayolina awoke to the noise of scissors.  She thought back to 1st grade art class when everyone was to make a painting with their spirit animal.

Crayolina quickly got to work. She grabbed her canvas and started sketching. Crayolina loved art and she was honestly amazing. Then she remembered what happened next, bad- mannered Jasmine came and threw Crayolina’s painting on the floor then when no one was looking she pulled down her cheetah print skirt and peed all over the painting then blamed it on Crayolina.

“EW!! GUYS LOOK CRAYOLINA PEED ON HER PAINTING. SHE’S NOT POTTY-TRAINED!” The class erupted in laughter and Crayolina was so embarrassed she turned blue and passed out. Sure enough no one noticed for 3 hours. When her parents were called they didn’t care, they didn’t even come. They told the school nurse to leave her and wake her up tomorrow. 

Crayolina was snapped back to the present when the scissors stopped and someone began pulling on her hair with something hot. When she opened her eyes she shrieked in horror because someone had cut her hair and was now straightening it. What was worse? She knew exactly who it was.

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