Camping Adventures

By Parker Bullen

Grade 7

 Car Ride: OLIVA

Hello, my name is Oliva Marie Davis and I’m ten years old. You probably already heard about me from my brother Jacob but I’m not the worst – that is only what he thinks, trust me. On Friday night, Mom and Dad told us we were going camping.

Saturday morning at 5:13 a.m. and Mom came into my room and said, loudly: “IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP WE NEED TO LEAVE IN SEVEN MINUTES!” Dad was already downstairs and making food for breakfast on the road.

Then Mom went into Jacob, Eva, and Oscar’s rooms saying the same thing. So I got up slowly but surely and shuffled over to my closet and grabbed the closest things to me.  As I was getting dressed I pulled my shorts on my cold legs, one at a time, and put my shirt on top of my head to pull over and down rubbing against my back.

I didn’t realize that it was the brightest pink shirt ever but I had no energy to get a new one. I walked to the bathroom where I called dibs on, but of course Jacob ran in there as fast as he could, slamming the door behind him, which made a cracking noise. I decided to just go downstairs and not get in a fight.

Then butt scooted down the stairs to get to the other bathroom rubbing my feet on the stair carpet every single time I moved. When I got to the bottom of the stairs and it was already 5:16 am so I knew I needed to hurry up and Dad said in a loud voice” Good Morning Sunshine you look very lively today” I replied “Thanks So Much, Dad.”  

“Time to Go” yelled Mom from the top of the stairs telling us to put our shoes on and run to the car. I grabbed my shoes and ran to the car with Oscar in my arms holding his shoes while trying to put them on his squirming little feet. When Mom and Dad finally got in the car we were ten minutes late. 

We just left the driveway and Eva was already saying she’s hungry while Oscar was crying because I had to put his shoes on his feet and that moment he was trying to take them off. I never get it – every single time we go camping, no one is happy. 

We have been driving for one and a half hours in the car and still have one hour to go. So far we have sung what feels like one million songs together and every five minutes Eva asks when we will be there or are we there yet. When we got to the campsite my skin was peeling off of the seat while rolling to my side to get out of the car.

Jacob and Eva got out of the car and yelled: ” We’re here finally.” Now we can go and play in the water.                                                                    

                                                              The Arrival: JACOB

I’m so glad we are finally here it feels like we were in that car forever. Now I have to go and set up the tents with dad because the girls get to go and buy food for dinner and the rest of the weekend. Dad pulled out the pieces for the tent from a long skinny bag that has a  drawstring tie to close it. And one by one I was clicking two pieces together, then lining them up for dad to bring them over to where the tents were being set up.

We just finished the first tent one to go, Once again I was clicking two pieces together and handing them to Dad. When the two tents were finished, I asked dad if we could go down by the lake so of course, he said yes because he used to love going down to the lake when he was younger.

It was about a five-minute walk and when we were walking we could only hear the bliss of birds chirping and the crickets hopping. The lake is always so calming and could always make you happy. Dad and I would sit there for hours just talking and looking at the lake shimmering from the light of the sun hitting the water at a forty-five-degree angle. 

Half an hour later Mom, Oliva, Eva, and Oscar got back from the store and they had tons of food to eat over the weekend. But first, we must have s’ mores, they are my absolute favourite treat ever. They are just so gooey and crunchy at the same time it’s the perfect match.

“It’s time for dinner,” said mom, taking perfect hot dogs off of the grill with the grill marks and crispy bits on the outside. While Mom says, “We are having hot dogs and then some of Jacob’s favourite: S’mores.” 

I replied, “yes, that is my favourite. Thank you so much, mom. So can we eat now? I’m starving!” 

I took my first bite of the hot dog as the grill marks rub against my teeth and chewed the bite of perfect campfire hot dog, slathered in ketchup and mustard. Then we sat at the fire telling stories about our past camping trips. About the time that Oliva brought food into our tent and a bear came in and we thought he was going to eat us so then dad had to scare the bear away.                                                        

Playtime: OLIVA

After the fire and telling stories it was only 4:30 p.m. and we didn’t want to have S’mores yet.

So Jacob, Eva, Oscar and I went off to play tag so we got in a circle to figure out who was going to be it to come and tag us all. I called “King counter,” Jacob called “Song chooser,”  Eva Called “Ways,” and of course, Oscar Called “Aces out.”

Jacob told me the song was “Eachy Peachy.” Eva said, it goes Oliva-Jacob-Oscar-Eva. Then I sang the song, “Eachy Peachy pear plum nobody out except for you.” Now I guess I’m it for tag, but I’m only counting to forty that’s it.  

I said, “Go! Start running, as I counted slowly, while Oscar tried to run faster, I got slower and slower each time,  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 … 40! I’m coming for you.”

The game quickly ended, as Mom said we had to get ready for bed and get in our tents. Then I looked at the clock and it was only 8:03 p.m. and we hadn’t even had our S’mores yet. We couldn’t go to bed.

I told mom and she said, “please, really don’t bring it up to your siblings they need to get a good night’s sleep. You guys can eat S’mores tomorrow and we will have them earlier,” she said. “Now, you’d better get yourself in your tent before the bugs get all bad.”

And mom and dad had to put all the food in a barrel to hang in a tree so the bears wouldn’t get the food this time.

The first thing I heard waking up was a big thump and something hit the ground. I slid out of my sleeping bag and crawled over to the door trying to not wake the other kids up and then unzipped the zipper. 

I saw Jacob trying to get the food barrel down from the tree and then I saw that it had fallen. Mom and Dad ran out of their tent and Mom started to freak out that Jacob had hurt himself! This was more important than all the food falling and almost breaking but what do I know.

But after Mom yelled, Oscar and Eva had woken after I had tried so hard not to wake them. Oscar came out crying because he didn’t want to wake up yet and Eva was the happiest she has ever been.

And that was just the start to our day.

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  1. Parker, Everyone who has ever taken a family camping trip can relate. What a great realistic portrait of it. Happy camping!

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