Dahlia’s New World

By Margot Fleming

Grade 7 

Chapter 1

As I trekked up the hill further and further I said goodbye to my old life and let the fog consume me. The wind whipped at my ears and my bones shivered from the cold. I was finally doing it. I was finally here. I found the eye of the storm and set up my flimsy tent over and over again until I had it right and then I went to sleep knowing I would wake up in a completely different world.

When I awoke I found myself soaking wet and discovered a hole in my tent at the top. As I opened the tent I found a monster waiting outside. It was tall and had more arms than you could count. Its skin was gnarly. It had green hair and a brown body, but its eyes were shut so I packed up camp and ran as far away as possible. Only later did I learn that it was called a tree and completely harmless.

I ran for hours hoping to find a new life, but alas there was nothing new. As the days went by I found myself lost, but I had to keep going, I had to find the meaning to my boring excuse for a life.

As my feet carried me away, I kept to my thoughts and home came to mind. I missed the perfectness of my old life, but then a memory came to me … “Hey Dahlia,” a voice shouted from behind me. 

I turned around and I was six again with my best friend Callie. She asked me if I wanted to play soccer with her, using her special ball. I wanted to say no and to stop what was about to happen but my body betrayed me and I nodded walking her way.

I asked her what was special about her ball and she said she had made it herself, I was taken aback but I kept walking. Everything here was made by @Lx Industries and I was intrigued.

When we played with this ball I felt a whole new sensation. When I kicked the ball it didn’t always go perfectly into the net and when I blocked the ball it hurt when it hit me, suddenly my black and white life had colours and even though some were bad I had to explore them all. I went to the washroom and when I came back Callie was gone, the ball had disappeared too and I never saw either of them again, no one knew a girl named Callie and no one cared.

After I awoke from my trance I realized I had found an ocean, I learned about them in geography class and how dangerous they were, so I immediately walked the other way into what I now know as a rainforest.

In this new place, I saw animals and birds I’d only once read about and gawked at each new thing that came my way. I drank the inside of a round brown almost fury thing that looked like the inside was milk. I was starting to think something was following me though so I decided to keep walking until I found a new spot to camp.

As on edge as I was about something watching me.  I was also confused about what had happened when I relived that memory which I had tried so hard to bury and I wondered if there were any more. I closed my eyes and … THUD.

I awoke in a cage of sorts with lots of other creatures, my head throbbed and I could swear I felt an indent in my skull. I looked up and discovered a series of ladders and jumps almost like a challenge.

I walked over and started climbing the ladder when I found that it was electric, so I tried another and another until my brain was fried and I found the right one, each section of this “maze” had a different mentally and physically challenging task until I hit the top and discovered another human and I ran. Crazy thoughts crossed my mind. Was I back in Terratit? How did they find me? Am I joining Callie?

The other human caught up to me and tackled me to the ground.  He said, “you are on my land and you do what I say, understand?”

I tried to wriggle out but he was strong so I just nodded and let go. “Welcome to Aqualien,” he said in a much more pleasant tone, “home of the Acquits. Follow me!”

I followed. I saw thousands of people living life to the max; surfing, biking and just enjoying themselves. The boy showed me around and told me about this place, but I just marvelled at everything, not hearing a thing he said until he brought me to a map and showed me all the places.

The map he pointed at was a large oval, unlike any map I had ever seen before. The shorelines were ragged and curved unlike the clean cut lines of Terratit. Then he spoke, “in case you didn’t know, the four kingdoms are Geirio, Greien, Aqualien (that’s where I live) and Artisan.”

There was another place on the map, so I asked him what was there.  He paused, and then spoke, “that’s Terratit. Nothing good comes from there and no one knows what the goings-on are there because no one goes in or out. Either way, I’m Evan, I’m 16 and as I said, from Aqualien. Who are you and where are you from?” 

I hesitated but then said, “I’m Dahlia, I’m 14 and I’m … from the jungle.”  That was the first lie I ever told and I soon found I was good at it.

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