Nine through Twelve

By Kate Silverthorne

Grade 8

Chapter 1

Chloe is a fourteen year old girl. She is beginning high school in a week and has been stressing about it for a while. She’s especially upset to leave her best friend Melanie, who is a year younger than her. Melanie and Chloe have been best friends for a while and hang out almost every day. This year will be different since Chloe is starting high school far away from Melanie. 

Chloe is just like any other teenager. She wakes up too early for her eyes to adjust to the sunlight, shining through the window of her bedroom. She attends school without wanting to, just like most teenagers these days. On Monday morning, she stands outside her house awaiting the arrival of the school bus, challenged to keep her eyes open.

When the bus finally arrives, she nervously climbs the stairs of the bus. She walks down the aisle to find an empty seat in the middle of the bus. After sitting down, she leans against the window of the eighth row seat on the school bus. She can barely keep her eyes open after the late night she had last evening. The past few nights she only got about three or four hours of sleep.

By the time the school bus arrives at school, she stands up ever so slowly and walks down the aisle of the bus, tired as ever. She thanks the bus driver, steps down the bus steps in an unbalanced manner, and strolls sluggishly to the front door of the high school. This is it, she thinks. Nine Through Twelve; The start of the worst years of my life. She sighs, opening the door and walking inside. 

As she steps inside, she reads a sign straight ahead of her next to the staircase. The sign has Nine Through Twelve Sleepaway School written on it in colourful bubble letters. Chloe takes her overstuffed backpack off of her shoulders and scavenges through it in search of her schedule. 

She finds a crumpled piece of paper. Found it! She thinks. She flattens the paper out against the wall and examines the page. Her first class is in room 312, third floor, Mrs. Ratchet. She zips up the zipper of her backpack and puts it on again. She walks up the staircase, noticing that there are a couple hundred handprints on the wall. Interesting… she thinks as she climbs the stairs. She finally makes it to the top, third floor. She looks around the halls, reading the room numbers on the door.

310, 311, 312! There it is. She says in her head. She walks up to the door labelled 312. She reaches for the doorknob and turns the handle.

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