The Wave

By Hannah Rudge

Grade 7

Chapter 1

Olivia and Kenzie

It was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining and the beach was gorgeous. But Olivia had to go to school. As she walked to school with her friend Mackenzie, they enjoyed the beautiful sun. She got to school and said hi to all of her friends and went to class. Her first class of the day was biology. In her biology classroom, there are huge windows the whole wall filled with them. 

Then suddenly in the distance on the beach, she noticed that it was extremely long like the beach had grown an extra 30 feet. All the water was draining back into the ocean, she was so confused. The whole class didn’t know what to do. They were all looking at their teacher. Except for Olivia, she looked all around the class looking at everyone’s faces. Then, underneath the teachers’ desk, she found Kenzie. She was sitting there covering her ears freaking out.

Then on came the announcements, everyone listened carefully. The speaker screeched then said, “there’s a tsunami – listen to your teachers.” But Olivia’s teacher wasn’t very helpful and just started panicking. The wave was getting closer and larger. 

Then after a few seconds BOOM, the wave hit the classroom everyone was screaming or crying. The water was so powerful Olivia knew she had to grab on to something sturdy. She soon looked around and was getting pushed towards the middle of town. She was attempting to grab on to the doorway as she flew by.

Things were floating all around her getting pushed. As Olivia struggled to swim, a car floating by rammed into her leg, it gave her a sharp pain but she had no choice but to keep swimming. She finally grabbed onto the door handle and had to watch crazy objects rush past. She even watched some of her classmates flailing and reaching to find something to grab onto. 

Suddenly her friend Samantha screamed, yelling for help. They reached for each other’s arms but couldn’t grip each other. 

Chapter 2

Margot and Thomas

Margot and Thomas were excited to go to the beach. They had been planning a beach day for weeks. It was going to be awesome. That morning they packed up their car and left. On the way to the beach, they saw a huge bump and swerved around it, the boat on the roof flew off. It almost hit Jack. They ran out of the car and checked to see if he was ok. Jack just stood there frightened, he was ok, no cuts or bruises. They continued to the beach.

Margot unloaded the car, and Thomas went to find a parking spot. They laid out their stuff. They decided they were going to go boating. They brought down the boat getting ready for their adventure. They looked at the water excitedly then confused as the water was getting sucked away from the beach. They stood there shocked and looked at each other with fear in their eyes. The water withdrew further away as they stood watching. They were confused and along with everyone else they started to walk out to the ocean.

In the distance, they saw a bump. They looked around at everyone’s reaction. Margot, Thomas, and everyone else just stood there, some people were taking pictures posting it to social media. 

Then somebody called out “it’s a tsunami! RUN!”  Everybody ran. Margot and Thomas ran as fast as they could then looked at the tsunami. It was a 20-meter wave of ten feet in front of them. They jumped in the boat curled in a little ball. 

Then a huge wave about 15 crashed down over the top of them carrying them through town with trees, beach chairs, umbrellas, and lots of debris. 

Chapter 3

Olivia and Mackenzie

Now the water was getting sucked back into the ocean.  Everything that had just passed Olivia, was getting sent back into the ocean. It was really scary for her. She didn’t know that there could be a tsunami where she lives. Therefore she didn’t know what to do. 

But she knew that the building was strong and wouldn’t get sucked into the water. As she curiously watched everything rush by it suddenly stopped. 

All the water left a little flood in the classroom but it was dead silent. Then Olivia heard someone crying. It sounded like it was coming from her classroom. She looked around intently just listening. 

Then she saw a hand burst out from under a pile of desks. It was a girl, but she didn’t know who? She asked her if she was ok or not and what her name was. She replied with “It’s me, Mackenzie, I can’t feel my legs.”

Olivia shouted back “I’m going to lift all the desks”. Olivia tried to figure out how to get Mackenzie out. Then she came up with the idea to just take it one desk at a time. 

So she got the first desk off. She struggled. The desk was sobbing wet which made it hard to grab onto. But she did it. There were still two more desks. Meanwhile, she got the second desk off with no struggling. 

But the last desk was sobbing wet every time she lifted it just the slightest bit, it would slip right out of her hands. And landed on Mackenzie even harder. She took a quick break to retain her muscles.  

She went for it again, Olivia was ready to do it. She had used her sweater to dry off her hands. She lifted the desk and told Mackenzie to slide out quickly. Olivia nearly dropped the desk back on her. 

Chapter 4

Margot and Thomas

The wave had carried them right in the middle of town. FIve km away from the beach. They were safe in the boat but were confused about where they were. They couldn’t tell what part of town they were in. They were really scared. But then they noticed that the water was getting sucked back into the ocean. The water was moving fast, they knew they had to get out of the boat.

So Margot and Thomas jumped out of the boat and looked for a sturdy building. 

Right in front of them was a grocery store. so Margot used objects floating in the water to help her get to the store, Thomas was following close behind her. 

They grabbed onto the window frame, they held on as tight as they possibly could. They watched closely as everything that had been washed away with them got propelled back into the water. Margot and Thomas saw the boat come towards them. It was moving about 30km/per hour. 

Thomas felt his grip loosen on the window frame. The boat was right beside him and rammed directly in him. Which caused him to tuck tight in a ball.

 He let go in a rush. The water was propelling him into the rushing water, causing him to ram into cars trees pretty much everything the water was pulling back into the ocean. 

Thomas had a hard time catching his breath. He couldn’t swim. The water was moving him too fast.  Thomas had to duck under the tree chairs. He didn’t have any time to breathe. It didn’t look good for Thomas. 

Thomas was fast approaching the ocean. He needed a plan to get him out of the water. But every time Thomas poked his head out of the water he would hit something. 

But then Thomas found a building it resembled like a school but he couldn’t tell he reached for it but missed. 

Chapter 5

Olivia and Mackenzie

When Mackenzie came out from under the desks she had bruises all over her arms and cuts and scratches everywhere. Olivia took her sweater off and used it to stop the bleeding but it was worse than they had expected. 

They looked around and shouted for help but nobody answered. Olivia couldn’t find the first aid kit. It must have been washed away by the water. Olivia went out of the classroom to look for people. There was no one. 

Then she looked out at the water and saw a little ripple in the water. They knew they had to get out of there but they didn’t know where to go they just knew to get as far away as possible. 

Olivia knew that the water was coming soon but they couldn’t get very far because of Mackenzie’s leg. The wave was getting closer by the second.

Olivia knew that she couldn’t move so they both wobbled over to the door frame and grabbed on as tight as they could. 

They watched closely the wave grew 10 feet and smashed down really hard on the beach. 

The wave rushed through the classroom. Mackenzie felt their grip separate. Mackenzie let go of the door frame. Olivia reached for her grabbed by the wrist and said: “don’t let go.” A huge tree rammed into their grip but they had to stay strong and hang on tight. 

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  1. Hannah, Love the alternate chapters. Real sense of normal day, then urgency and then chaos too!

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