When Healing is Needed

Poetry By D’Anthony Nance

Footsteps sound down the corridor
Rusty hinges opening doors
Revealing a heart full of clutter
But, not for long
Starting with past insecurities
I remove every bandaid
Upon old scars
Washing away the regret
That has stayed
I wax tear stained floors
And dust the cobwebs in the corners
Creating a space for me and for you
Too long have I lived in recurrent misery
Unable to see the happiness
That blossoms around me
I can’t afford to remain complacent
Stuck on woes nobody knows
When I have a son to show up for
And woman I wish to love
Life is all about lessons learned
Not patterns repeated
Love is more about giving
Than receiving
As our hearts long for blessings
To remove the crutch in our lives
Means to admit to being unstable
Only then can we ever hope
To sit at the table unafraid
To eat with scars from old wounds

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