Dear Brother

Poetry by D’Anthony Nance

Without warning tears fell from my eyes.
Staring into the mirror I wondered why?
It’s been months since you died
And not since the funeral have I cried
It seems I’ve held back this pain
Because there is nothing for me to gain
I cannot hear your laughter
Nor can I hug you after
We go our separate ways
Life without you still matters
My days start and end like they always do
It’s only at night when my heart aches
When my mind latches onto you
And no one can hear the ice breaking
When your smile melts my compassion
Causing sadness to race through my veins
You’re death killed the man I use to be
And the one growing in his place
Struggles some days just to breathe
But, I promised I’d keep uplifted
So, even with a heavy resolve
My chin will always stay lifted

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