The Call of Adventure

Chapter 1

As they rode in the wagon, Fred, Buck, Carla and Leo were very excited and a little bit nervous. Today they would finally be joining Brokose school of witchcraft.

They had all received invitations in the mail to join. They were told to meet the wagon in front of their houses at midnight. They felt bad leaving their parents, but the man driving the wagon ensured them that their parents knew and were okay with it.

The driver also occasionally answered the questions they asked each other. He was a large man with a thick coat on. He wore round glasses with blue lenses. He also had an excessive amount of facial hair. He had a wand that looked bigger than Carla’s (she obtained the wand after defeating the hag on her last adventure).

Finally, they began to see the stone castle in the distance. The trees were now closer to the path than before. They were about to cross over a small brook when the driver stopped the wagon and looked around.

The bridge was very old and was just the right fit for the wagon to travel on it. Buck stood up and looked around. Fred, Carla and Leo looked up at the castle and began talking about what they thought would happen.

Buck looked over the back of the wagon. He leaned over more and fell off. It was very silent, but no one heard him fall. The driver yelled something and the wagon began to move. Buck tried to yell but nothing came out of his mouth.

He looked into the river helplessly. He noticed the face of a girl looking back at him through the water. He could only see her head. She had red eyes. Her hair was wavy and black, although it could have just been the water making her hair look wavy.

“Come in,” she said in a soft voice.

“Hhmm,” said Buck

“I’m not sure I trust you,” Buck said awkwardly.

Before Buck could say anything else, he got pulled in. She was wearing a cloth dress.

“Hello,” she said, grinning evilly. Buck was surprised to see she had fangs.

“Who are ….”

Suddenly Buck was back in the wagon. His friends looked at him.

“How long was I gone?!” said Buck with terror.

“What do you mean?” said Leo calmly.

“I was gone, was I not?” said Buck, starting to calm down.

“No,” said Carla.

Buck told the others about the girl.

“Lad, they’re called nymphs,” interrupted the driver. Everyone looked at the driver.

“Water nymphs,” the driver corrected.

“They live in the water, and torment anyone who passes by,” said the driver loudly.

Before anyone could ask questions, they saw the castle. It was close, very close. It had five large towers. It was made from old stone. Windows dotted the great building. The castle rested upon a flat raised hill. It was surrounded by thick forest.

It appeared that there was a lot of space behind the castle. In front of the old wooden gate was a huge garden. Walking around the garden were small creatures with pointy ears. The sun was just starting to come out. It was the perfect amount of light to see the whole castle. They stepped out of the wagon onto a perfect gravel path leading to the gate.

“Who are those small creatures?” asked Fred, interested.

“Them be goblins,” said the driver. “They manage the gardens, we call them the ground goblins. Well, my name is Bendrick, I will see you in botany class.”

Bendrick led the others to the front gate. He knocked his fist on the gate. It slowly raised. Inside there were hundreds of people cheering. The hall was not decorated except for several torches on the wall.

Everybody wore a uniform with a colour on it. Some wore blue, some green, some red and some yellow, some violet, some orange. At the end of the hall was an arch.

At the end of the hallway stood several people. They wore different clothes then the others. They were adults. Fred, Buck, Carla and Leo guessed they were the teachers. One of them stood in the middle. He wore a blue robe and a hat that looked similar to a pirate hat. It was blue also.

The man in the blue robe boomed, “I am Renald, head wizard, follow me.”

He walked through the doorway. Fred, Buck, Carla and Leo followed. The crowd closely behind them.

They walked into a huge hall. Four long tables sat in the room. The tables were straight and pointed to the end of the hall. Several doors led out of the hall. At the end of the hall was a large table. It was horizontally facing the other tables. Everyone sat down.

The teachers sat down at the table at the end of the hall. It was raised higher than the other tables. There was a throne sitting in the middle of the table at the end of the hall.

Renald sat down on the throne. He gestured for Fred, Buck, Carla and Leo to come up.

“Line up, single file,” Renald said softly.

Fred was in front, Leo was second, buck was third, Carla was last.

“Come up” said Renald.

Fred walked up.

“What is your name?” asked Renald.

“Fred,” he replied nervously.

“Well Fred, sit down,” said Renald, gesturing to the tables.

Fred began to walk down to a table.

“Wait, one more thing, your clothes will be in the trunk in your room,” said Renald. “The door of your room will only open for you. We have supplied you with what you will need for the first night. Tomorrow your books will arrive, and you will create your wand. And tomorrow you will also get your broomstick. To find your room, look at the small paper in your pocket.”

Fred looked in his pocket and discovered a small paper. He nodded and walked over to the table. He sat down with an excited grin. Leo, Buck and Carla checked their pockets too. They all had small papers.

“Next up! You! What is your name?” said Renald, talking to Leo.

“My name is Leo,” he replied in an excited voice.

“Sit down,” said Renald pointing to the table where Fred sat.

Leo walked down and sat next to Fred. They began talking and joking with the other people at the table.

“What is your name?” Renald asked Buck.

“My name is buck, sir,” said Buck nervously.

“Sit down buck,” said Renald as he gestured to the table at which Fred and Leo sat.

Buck began to talk to Leo and Fred and several new friends.

“Lastly, you,” said Renald, talking to Carla.

“My name is Carla,” she said.

She walked down to the table where the others sat.

The person next to Buck introduced himself.

“I’m Poe. Welcome.”

“Thank you,” said Buck.

Poe wore robes. They were black robes that went to the knees. The inside of the coat was red. There was a strip of red where buttons would have been. Most people at the table wore the same thing (except in different colours). The person across from Carla introduced herself.

“I am Elizabeth.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Carla.

Buck was distracted talking to Poe and Leo. Elizabeth wore the same thing as Poe except it was blue.

Fred had just met a new friend named Herald. He wore a done up jacket with a shield icon where a badge would have been. The jacket was brown and old looking.

“LET THE FEAST BEGIN!” boomed Renald. Suddenly empty plates appeared in front of everyone at the table.

“TONIGHT’S DINNER IS PORK!” yelled Renald.

“My favorite,” said Poe.

Suddenly pork appeared on the plate. Along with the pork there was green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. Every person at the table had a gravy boat.

Suddenly a silver goblet appeared in front of everyone, the beautiful silver cutlery. The cups filled with water.


Dare Pelletier is a Grade 6 student in Huntsville, Ontario who loves to write and submitted his story to Muskoka Unlimited. 


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