Her heart
Shrouded in woe
Testifying to a woman
Broken in spirit
Gave rise to a man’s
Endeavor to revive
Dead hope in her eyes
Skillfully dismantling reasons why
Loving all the pieces she cast aside
Allowing romance to survive
He bent down touching scars
Feeling her love drip
Into a pool of questions
Staring at the reflection
Of who she use to be
Gone was the smile
That captivated the sun
Leaving behind silent lips
Chapped and dried
His heart thumped thrice
Once for his old pain
Twice for the woman
And thrice for the love he began building
Gently picking her up
He carried her
Patiently waiting for the day
She submitted to his sincerity
Trusting in his strength
To always support her
Never taking more than he gave
And forever loving the parts of her
Still bleeding

By D’Anthony Nance

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