The Tale of Janryc Gerrin

By Dare Pelletier

Dare is a Grade 7 student and aspiring creative writer. 

Long ago, in the land of Loria, there lived a halfling named Janryc Gerrin.

He lived in Norton, which was a small hamlet near Creebrook. He came from a long line of respected cheese makers. He loved helping his father make cheese and helping his mother sell it.

The one person in the family who did not make cheese was his grandfather. He loved when his grandfather Ser Tyrak Gerrin would tell him tales of his adventures. Ser Tyrak had seen all of Creebrook.

Janryc loved the stories of Creebrook, but there was one thing that interested him more. His grandfather always said “stay away from the Downs of Ravenna.”

The story of Ravenna was very dark and bloody. It started with the arrival of lady Ravenna, and the people of Oakland who decided to go too. Ravenna was a very beautiful women, and the people were very rich.

They decided to go to the Downs because there was plenty of land to make farms and sell the food. When they arrived they discovered many cairns. They also found caves with primitive drawings in them.

They paid no attention to them, and strayed away from them. The Downs seemed like a beautiful place until the bloody night. That is what is grandfather called it at least.

“Hmm, never go there, it is very  … dark.” And then he would always say, “well, you best be going home now.” And Janryc always went home. But one night, there was an irresistible urge to run into the wild and find the Downs.

He ran. The path was rough and he eventually stopped and rested in an uncomfortable cave. Inside the cave he found many drawing of black stick figures chasing what he thought were supposed to be humans. He laid down and slept.

By the morning his parents were very worried. There was no sign of Janryc. They asked several of their neighbours, but none had seen him. They headed for Ser Tyrak’s house. When they knocked at the door, no one answered, for what they did not know was that Ser Tyrak had left. He was riding his pony after Janryc, but he was too late. By the time he arrived in the cave, all there was was bones. But he did find three clawed foot prints leading from the cave.

He followed them for three days through storm and sun, only resting twice to eat and drink. He knew what was making the foot prints, and he knew where they were leading. After one week of travel he arrived, the downs of Ravenna. On the top of each down there was a cairn. He slowly rode through them with caution. All that he could hear was the occasional cry of a crow, and a scraping, like claw on bone.

The scraping was slowly getting louder. he came to a large hill, the scraping was now louder than ever. There was a large cave in the middle of the hill. Leading into the hill, there was a short trail of bones. Ser Tyrak bravely dismounted his pony and drew his old dagger. He slowly walked towards the cave, before he went in he heard a loud scream. He ran in, and was gone.

Only three weeks later was he ever seen again. Riding his same pony. He bore a scar of three claws over his left eye. His sword was broken. Janryc’s mother ran towards him.

 “Is he . . .” she stammered. Ser Tyrak put his hand on her shoulder, and shook his head.

The village now has a statue of Janryc and Ser Tyrak in the middle of it. Ser Tyrak continues to live but has become very quiet, and has made sure another tragedy like this would never happen again.


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  1. Dare, Your stories always leave me thinking. I love your creativity and you always leave some mystery. Thanks!

  2. I am so excited about your writing abilities Dare. You have a very creative mind and your stories show the depth of your imagination. I look forward to reading more of your narratives.

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