Daphnia – Our True Friend

This essential species provides huge benefits

The fascinating water flea is an microscopic entity which provides tremendous environmental benefits.

Perhaps underappreciated by the public at large, Dr. Norman Yan (Friends of the Muskoka Watershed) is an expert on the tiny planktonic crustaceans and visited The Chris O Show to discuss what Daphnia are and how they can be part of protecting the environment.

Research is showing that monitoring the health of Daphnia populations can detect environmental threats to human health. The translucent beings are also filter feeders that help clean the water they live in by consuming algae, bacteria, and other like organics.

Therefore lower populations of Daphnia likely relate to unhealthy waterways, which can negatively impact all manner of species from trees to fish to humans.

Dr. Yan has researched and written many papers – dating all the way back to his university days as an aspiring scientist – and though he’s too humble to say so, is one of the world’s leading authorities on Daphnia.

Enjoy the show now by hitting play, or download the MP3 to listen at your leisure (click the dots beside the volume).

As always, thank you to The Bay 88.7 FM for the studio time and production.

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