Love, passion, adventure in Cuba

Cressman inspired by multiple visits to the island nation

Canadian author Jenny Cressman found a tremendous amount of creative inspiration while visiting Cuba over the years.

She turned that creative inspiration into not one, but two adventure-romance novels (with a third on the way), titled Cuban Kisses and Cuban Wishes.

A former journalist and the current host of the Muskoka Unlimited Podcast on The Bay 88.7 FM, Cressman still visits the island nation on a regular basis, and has developed an extensive knowledge of Ernest Hemingway’s time in Cuba.

Perhaps one day, we’ll all be speaking of Cressman’s Cuba in the same reverence we speak of the late American writer.

For more insight on Cressman and the Cuban Kisses series, have a listen now (or download for later):

Chris and Jenny’s First Chat

Chris and Jenny’s Second Chat

Summary of Cuban Kisses

Jackie is not having a mid-life crisis. She just needs a break from the chaos that has pervaded her normal life, thanks to a violent, psychotic ex-husband who won’t leave her alone. For a brief escape, she books an all-inclusive vacation to Cuba.

Enjoying the sun, sand and sea may have been part of her mental travel agenda but having hot sex with a handsome horseman certainly wasn’t – not even in the fine print! In a strange way, though, she realizes it’s just what she needed. Could this be more than mere transient pleasure? Falling madly in lust with a charming guy may not be unexpected on a Caribbean holiday but can you really find true love with someone you meet on vacation?

Jackie doesn’t have a good track record regarding healthy relationships but she usually knows when a ride should end. This time, it’s hard to know; two people aren’t always speaking the same language when it comes to love, particularly if there are profound cultural differences.

As her friendship with a fellow Canadian grows, however, Jackie begins to realize she has a lot more to learn about love, life and her own place in the world. Cuban Kisses is about a mature woman who grows up and falls in love along the way – with Cuba as well as the people she meets there.

Summary of Cuban Wishes

Jackie’s childhood was fairly normal and uneventful; her adulthood is quite the opposite! Now, on the cusp of her 50th birthday, she’s facing some of the biggest decisions of her life, as well as the gravest danger.

Does trouble come in threes? Or, is the third time the charm for good luck? Jackie hopes the third time’s lucky for romantic fortunes as she considers entering the marriage ring yet again. However, two of her former lovers want her back and neither wants to take “No!” for an answer. One has already demonstrated he’s prepared to do anything for her – even kill. Is it up to her to stop him from killing again?

Jackie’s struggle to become a strong, self-reliant woman pulls her back and forth between Cuba and Canada as she faces ethical dilemmas, danger and intrigue. Is she resilient enough to deal with shocking death, in addition to complicated romance? Will she be resourceful enough to bring her humanitarian dream to fruition?

Cuban Wishes is about growth, maturity and love. As Jackie learns to love herself, she falls more deeply in love with Cuba and the people she has met there. And, in doing so, she discovers that family comes in many wonderful forms.

Jenny Cressman Bio

Author Jenny Cressman was born in Kitchener, Ontario, the provincial heart of Mennonite country, where her family roots run deep. She grew up in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, but returned to her homeland to study at the University of Waterloo. After living in various parts of the United States and Canada, she eventually settled in Muskoka, slightly north of Toronto.

Her tandem careers in journalism and at a shelter for abused women provide some of the threads for her fictional writing, as does her own life. She artfully weaves these with her travel experiences in Cuba, her extensive reading about the country and her personal observations on Cubans and their relationships with tourists. Embroidered with memorable characters, the resulting tapestry she has created is the colorful, realistic world of “Cuban Kisses” series.

To purchase Cuban Kisses, Cuban Wishes – or both – contact us or email Jenny directly at

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