It’s Delightful

Snow Village fun in River Mill Park

One thing is certain: the Huntsville Festival of the Arts can put on a show. Or in this case, a Snow Village.

For the second year in a row, River Mill Park in downtown Huntsville is awash in ice and snow sculptures, kids’ activities, and wonderfully positive energy. And ice bocce ball: ICE BOCCE BALL!

While you likely won’t spent a full day there, it’s easy to bring your children down for an hour or two – maybe even a half day if they meet up with friends. And it’s good, clean fun – no really, snow cleans off easy.

There are also some fun “flags” that were made by local artist JF Kuehnen surrounding the snow labyrinth in the centre of the village.

Here’s a gallery from our visit on February 5, 2023.

Check out the video below featuring parent and child POV clips.

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