Take it to the Banks

Creativity and artistic flair runs in the family

There are some families who are super athletic, others that excel at math or science, some who love politics, and others who are a mixed bag of tricks.

For sisters Natasha and Naomi Banks-Powell, and the rest of the Banks family, artistic creativity flows through their veins.

Though these two sisters are more prominent and refined in their artist careers, they both mention coming from a home where exploring one’s creative side through a variety of mediums was greatly encouraged.

This explains how these two close relatives create striking pieces using vastly different mediums and techniques: it’s all about trying new things and finding the outlet which draws one in the most.

Both Natasha and Naomi joined Chris for the Muskoka Unlimited Podcast in 2022. Keep scrolling to have a listen now, or to download and listen later.

Also, check out a few of our favourite pieces by each artist.

Natasha Banks

Natasha Part 1

Natasha Part 2

Here are some of my favourite Natasha pieces, to see more check out her Instagram feed, https://www.instagram.com/the.waitressing.artist.club/, or to purchase, email the.waitressing.artist.club@gmail.com

Naomi Banks-Powell

Naomi Part 1

Naomi Part 2

Here are some of my favourite Naomi pieces, to see more or to purchase one, email njbanks3@gmail.com

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