Great Hang Ups!

Our favourite pieces of art from true Muskoka artists

Whether it’s to spruce up your décor, add a little something special to your event, or just because you love the way artwork touches your soul, the right piece is one that you appreciate as much – or at least almost as much – as the person who created it.

For Top Ten Tuesday’s post this week, we’ve decided to show some love to the Muskoka artists that move us the most with their passion and work.

Some work with paint, some work with wood, others mix media depending on their mood: but all are wonderful individuals with tremendous hearts.

With an eye towards filling our walls and other spaces, we’re sharing our ten personal favourite pieces by Muskoka artists.

Just remember that appreciation of art is subjective and we have about 20 fave artists, but couldn’t get them all in. So with that in mind, on to the list …

Dragon by Nathan Sowrey

This brilliant woven wood dragon stands over five feet tall and took hundreds of hours to create.

Wind Swept Pine by Brent Statten

Most of Brent’s works are created from inspiration during visits to his family cottage in Algonquin Park.

Eye See You by Michele Bertin

The details on this painting are so good that many in person viewers initially believe it to be a photograph.

Woven Path by Wendie Donabie

The texture and liveliness on Woven Path are fabulous. I love seeing it hanging whenever possible.

Poppies by Hollie Leggett

Poppies is a 44.75″ x 63.5″ wood carving in maple.
The attention to detail is wonderful on this solid piece.


Fun, a little funky, and not like the “typical” Muskoka paintings, this one we would hang at home.

Red Abstract by Paula Burger

Love the colours, the chaos, the collage style of this painting.

Granite by Naomi Banks-Powell

Naomi’s mix of wood carving and wood burning really brings this piece to life.

The Parted Sea by Stacey Thornton

What can we say? We love blue and we love the various shades.

Blind by Natasha Banks

Uhm, yeah. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again,
“this painting belongs in someone’s home or cottage.”

Those are the ten faves, but here are a few more we really like …

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