Más, por favor!

Mexican food done right in Bracebridge

Freshly made burritos carnitas (slow-roasted pork)? Flautas de Pollo? Margaritas with upper-shelf tequila?

Si! Si!  Más, por favor!

It’s the reason myself, my amazing wife, and our friends in the know keep going back to El Pueblito for more.

And this is coming from individuals who have enjoyed on multiple occasions the flavourful brilliance of homemade Mexican cuisine in that beautiful country.

Marlenne Rickard, who owns the restaurant with husband Mike, is from Mexico, which is why the food is so good. Only people who have been brought up with a particular cuisine can really understand how to make it right.

There are plenty of scrumptious options on the menu, including vegetarian and vegan selections, but for myself, a great meal at El Pueblito begins with a margarita (make sure to ask to upgrade to a higher end brand of your choice); followed by sharing Guacamole con Totopos; then I usually have a burrito (you can’t go wrong with any of the options, as I’ve tried them all)!

We’ve also tried other dishes, and definitely recommend both the Flautas de Pollo and Tacos, but the aforementioned is my routine.

While the yummy in my tummy dishes keep the local establishment on our go-to list, the service and atmosphere are fantastic as well.

Perfect for a date, gathering with friends, or bringing the family, the restaurant features a menu and aura that all can enjoy.

The colourfully curated décor offers plenty of reminders to remember those days and nights spent touring Mexican hot spots – and not as well known joints – and those lovely days by the ocean.

So, if you’re looking for a true taste of Mexico, head to El Pueblito for a great experience.

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