Top 10 ways to get to know your community

Many have relocated during the past three years and it’s not easy when you’re new

Almost everyone knows that weird feeling of being the new kid in class, that new person on the job, or any other social situation where you don’t really know anyone else.

It can be even tougher when you completely uproot yourself and your family to move to a new town that you don’t know that well (hopefully, you visited at least once before deciding to make a permanent move).

While it can be intimidating and daunting to some, others find it easy to assimilate into their new surroundings and make fast friends with several new acquaintances.

The benefits of making friends means getting advice on fun things to do and places to go, where and where not to eat, learning a bit about the history of your new community, and maybe a little bit about the people who live there.

If you’re someone who may be a little shy or doesn’t know how to get started, we want to help and share several ways to explore your new surroundings and make friends.

On that note, here are our Top 10 ways to get to know your new community …

Volunteer. Yep, helping out is the number-one way to get to know your new community. You’ll meet new people and immediately start on the right foot as you’re giving your time towards a non-profit group or project.

Join a club/group. Whether it’s sports, cards, social, book, or arts, joining a club or a group with those of similar interests is a sure-fire way to meet people and feel welcome.

Start a club/group. Maybe the thing(s) you’re interested in don’t have an existing group or club in your new community. Well, why not be the one who starts it? And, for informal clubs or groups, it can be as easy as setting up an email and social media accounts and spreading the word that way. If you’re nervous about going to others, then bring them to you.

Take a class. Cooking classes, art classes, and other special interest classes brings together people from all corners of a community. Bonus: you’ll learn a new skill at the same time as being social.

Visit restaurants/cafes/pubs. Social atmospheres where you’ll find groups of people sitting around and chatting is always a decent choice to make new friends. These are especially good when they have a bar area to sit at as likely another person going solo will be there too.

Walk around town. Whether it’s a small town or a big city, nearly every place has a downtown core. Walking along these places, visiting mom and pop shops and saying “hi,” as well as taking in the feel of the community will help you get your bearings and feel confident in being able to settle in.

Attend live events. A concert, a play, a dance … get out there and enjoy! It’s especially helpful to attend performances featuring local talent as it’s sure to be full of people from the area. The more you’re out there, the more opportunity to be noticed and have someone approach you.

Go to the library. The public library is a great source to learn about history, geography and more. Taking in as much info as possible goes a long way to having confidence when chatting with new people.

Check out your local Chamber of Commerce. Whether in person or online, chambers of commerce are a wonderful resource for goods, services, events and more. After all, the more you know, the better off you’ll be.

All of the above. For the real go-getters and enthusiastic individuals, just do it all! In no-time, you’ll be well recognized and have a solid friend group to keep your days full of interesting conversations and events.

Don’t think it can all be done? Well, you haven’t met our founder/writer/parent/vice president of the soccer club/coach/attempted town councillor/etc. etc.

In fact, if you’re new, reach out to Chris and he’ll be happy to lend a hand!

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