Earth Day Should Be Everyday

Here are a few events taking place this week and things to do at home all year round

This Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day and there are plenty of ways to do your part to celebrate: raise awareness, pick up garbage on your road, turn off those lights for most of the day, use less water, and the list goes on.

There are some happenings in the area that will interest many individuals including an Author Talk with Brenda Missen at Arrowhead Provincial Park, an Earth Day Sewing Workshop with Mary Spring and Terri Howell, bringing an old t-shirt to the library to Make an Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf, and more … register for these events or learn more at:

As well, the Town of Bracebridge is doing their annual Free Compost Giveaway on Friday, April 21 to celebrate.

What some haven’t realized is that April is Earth Month and many people around the globe actually practice Earth Day everyday by being energy efficient, reducing their waste output, reusing and recycling at every opportunity, protecting our pollinators, and more.

On that note, let’s look at our Top 10 ways to practice Earth Day, Everyday . . .

Reduce, reuse, recycle and compost. It really is easy to practice these basic daily functions that help with waste reduction. Consume less of everything you don’t need; reuse as many items as possible such as coffee cups and mugs plus wash and reuse any plastic items you purchase; recycle is easy-peasy as almost everyone has a blue bin that is picked-up on garbage day; composting is easy, just make sure to follow the Do’s and Don’ts.

Active Transportation. Another easy way to help reduce humanity’s carbon footprint is to frequently use active transportation strategies to get from A to B. Choose walking, biking, skateboarding, in-line skating, riding a scooter or other alternatives to gas-powered vehicles. Basically, if you don’t have to drive and burn fossil fuels, then don’t. This bonus is the exercise and fresh air is a part of a healthy lifestyle!

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Plant native species. A fantastic way to help the planet is by planting gardens that feature native species. In Ontario, there are many beautiful trees, plants and flowers that are native to the region. Whether it’s a maple tree, a Black-eyed Susan, a fern, or a strawberry plant, there are plenty to choose from. Right now, the Muskoka Conservancy is having it’s Native Plant Sale to help you on your way. As well, the Muskoka Lakes Association is taking orders for a variety of native trees and shrub seedlings as part of their annual Seedling Day.

Practice Energy Efficiency. Take short showers; only use as much water as necessary around your home; use cold water for laundry; turn off lights during the day and only use lights at night when you’re in the room; switch to LED lighting (they last longer); switch to as much renewable energy sources as possible (ie solar, wind, etc.); only use heat or air conditioning when absolutely necessary; and just use common sense.

Protect the Pollinators. We did a recent post that tells more, just visit: Leave Lawns Alone – For Now.

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Shop Local Food Producers. The more local you buy, the less carbon footprint is created in terms of transportation and even emissions from processing factories. Plus, you get to support farmers and gardeners in your neighbourhood – who in turn will support you!

Be An Advocate. Get involved with local environmental organizations who are hands-on like Friends of the Muskoka Watershed; volunteer at events; write or speak to government representatives; and engage others in your community to get involved as well.

This list is just a starting point as we can always learn more and do more to make sure the this planet is still a viable home for our children and grandchildren – and the generations to come after that.

We can come together and practice common sense ways to enjoy our lives, but keep Mother Earth healthy as well!

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