Delightful Deli Dishes

Algonquin Café and Deli does it right

It was enough food to feed six people, but the four of us managed to do a good number on the meal from the Algonquin Café & Deli.

At the time, there was a family special meal featuring their brilliant brisket, fries and baked beans. If I recall, there was some coleslaw as well.

This fantastic fish sandwich is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Everyone in my family was super happy with the portions, the flavour, and the fact there were leftovers for lunch the next day.

The thing is that was around our tenth time enjoying dishes from the Algonquin Café & Deli.

My daughter loves ribs, so we got her ribs. I’ve had their tremendous fish sandwich, which was packed solid with fish and topped with the right amount of coleslaw for perfect bites.

My wife has enjoyed her fair share of beef dips, and my son is happy as long as you say sandwich and meat in the same sentence.

There is something for everyone and the best part is you can either dine-in at their permanent location (234 Main St W, Huntsville) or check out their food truck in the parking lot on the corner of John Street and Main Street E.

Fantastic Reuben

Reuben by Algonquin Cafe & Deli

One of my favourite deli sandwiches in the world is a Reuben and the Algonquin does it right.

Though some may consider this sacrilege, I hold the Russian dressing because quality smoked and cured meats only require a hint of mustard to accent the existing flavours.

They give you a perfect amount of corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese sandwiched between two properly sliced and grilled rye bread. The Algonquin Deli understands that sweet spot of portioning to get the most from their dish.

Too much meat, sauerkraut or cheese would ruin what the sandwich was meant to be. And we’ve all had those experiences.

But, not at the Algonquin.

Inspired food

Their website boasts: “With a passion for delicious home-cooked affordable food, our team has over 65 years of smoking experience and preparing food with a vast array of flavourful cuisine.”

Well, that’s a pretty accurate statement. The flavours in the food they create are definitely inspired by those who love what they do.

Each time there was an extremely welcoming atmosphere and a “happy to see you” vibe emanating from the staff. The food truck is no different.

Delicious ribs by Algonquin Cafe & Deli

Meanwhile, the Algonquin Café and Deli has set menu options while also providing customers with the opportunity to create their own sandwich from an excellent selection.

In previous visits, I enjoyed the melt in your mouth pulled pork with house-made BBQ sauce – a must-try for anyone – and the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich, as well as having the Reuben both in the restaurant and, as noted above, at the food truck.

The Montreal Smoked Meat brought back memories of post-night club visits to various diners in le Ville de Montreal. The taste, the aromas, the … well, you get the picture.

They also serve, soups, salads, and more. Although, I still haven’t made it there for a breakfast, I’ve been told that’s pretty darn good too. So, if you haven’t been there yet – or haven’t been in a while – it’s time to stop in for a delicious deli sandwich at the Algonquin.

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