OPINION: Some things stay the same

Lack of transparency will be Trudeau’s legacy

He never did answer the question.

Oh, he pretended to answer by offering a list of biological manufacturing facilities who had either been privatized and reduced their facility size or left Canada altogether during the last Conservative government – which was his way of deflection, redirection and blaming someone else.

I wrote those opening paragraphs for an OPED on www.muskokaradio.com in November 2020 amid questions about producing vaccines in Canada and Liberals not keeping their promises about that topic.

I could have also wrote those six lead words – he never did answer the question – in pretty much every article or OPED about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since he took office. And no, insinuating or outright stating your opposition has a poor character is not answering the questions.

Even some moderate Liberals are realizing it’s time to stop blindly supporting this Prime Minister on every issue. The intelligent and thoughtful Liberals have already stopped saying things like the Conservatives would be worse, the NDP would be worse, the Greens, etcetera, etcetera.

This is not about the other parties or their leadership. It’s time to open your eyes and really examine the way Trudeau and his cronies handle public tax dollars, matters of public importance, warnings from experts in their fields, and just about anything that has to do with his office.

Anyone paying attention must realize that at the very least it’s unethical and at the very worst criminal. Either way, his actions and lack of transparency with almost anything that would put in doubt his leadership ability is a front against all Canadians, regardless of party lines.

This week’s news that Trudeau’s friend David Johnston unsurprisingly and predictably found no reason for a public inquiry into foreign interference of Canadian elections despite many indicators that it had likely occurred is another in a long line of borderline fraudulent behaviour.

Even worse, Johnston was following the Liberal playbook to a tee: blame the media for doing their jobs and reporting on the government, offer party leaders who pass security checks to view the documents, reverse his original assertion that a public inquiry would be necessary, using the safe words “national security” to cover-up his findings, amongst other things that greatly damage his reputation in the eyes of non-partisan onlookers.

Read more about the foreign intelligence influence report simply by doing a Google Search with the words, Trudeau – Johnston.

This is just the latest in a long line of Trudeau’s lack of respect for Canadians and lack of transparency to the taxpaying public that pays the bills.

Original photo by Gabriel Buoys/AFP

A couple items that I personally wrote about over the years that highlight this Prime Minister’s record of not going on the record.

During the pandemic, the Liberals provided BYD Canada Company Ltd. around $300 million for hand sanitizer and other medical supplies. Unfortunately, the company name is full of misdirection. They have offices in Canada, but the company’s owners are based in China, and the manufacturing plant that makes the products is also based in China.

And that’s just a small percentage of the hundreds of millions of dollars that left our borders to go into the coffers of foreign companies to supply vaccines, sanitizer, and other medical supplies. Meanwhile, many well-meaning Canadian companies were shut out.

How about the WE Charity Scandal? Just type those into your favourite search engine to find out more.

To be as brief as possible, a contract worth $912 million was awarded to the We Charity to administer a Canada Student Summer Grant program on behalf of the federal government. The problem is that members of the Trudeau family – specifically Mr. Trudeau, Mrs. Trudeau, former Mrs. Margaret Trudeau (Justin’s mother) and Mr. Alexandre Trudeau (Justin’s brother) – were either paid speakers or “had expenses reimbursed” for speaking engagements with the WE Charity. As well, former federal finance minister Bill Morneau’s two daughters are or were associated with the organization, one of them as an employee.

And we never really got many answers about that topic, which conveniently faded away as the public’s attention turned to other matters.

Oh, yeah, and even before all that there was the SNC Lavalin affair.

There are also plenty of little offences where Trudeau doesn’t answer direct questions in the House of Commons, but instead deflects or even attacks his opposition. CPAC on YouTube has a bunch of non-partisan videos you can watch.

Until government starts operating on a volunteer basis, we’re their bosses and when we demand answers and transparency we should get it. With Trudeau having failed in this regard, it’s time for a change and the sooner the better (for the record, the next federal election is on or before October 20, 2025).

In the meantime all my media friends can borrow that November 2020 lead for all their articles cover the Prime Minister . . . He never did answer the question.

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