Anwyn Westgarth

Anwyn Westgarth

Anwyn Westgarth is a 14-year-old high school student from Huntsville, Ontario who found a love for illustrations at a young age.

While she loves spending time watching anime and creating art, Anwyn also very much enjoys spending time with her twin brother Archer and attending his baseball games.

From the minute she picked up a pencil and paper, it was clear to those around her that Anwyn had a knack for producing beautiful art. Whether its putting her emotions into her creations or just having fun with whatever muse has inspired her, it’s abundantly obvious that Anwyn has found her calling.

It is Anwyn’s goal to attend Sheridan College’s animation program and eventually work on full length animated films.

Helping Anwyn get started on that goal is pretty easy. She receives a decent percentage of net sales from a book she produced eight illustrations plus the cover art for – Random Words, Random Stories Volume I – as well as the vast majority of net sales from the prints of her illustrations sold through this site.

Get your copy of the book: Random Words, Random Stories.

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