Ashley O’Rourke

A lifetime spent exploring her creative side, Ashley has developed into an extraordinary artist.

Recently focusing more on unleashing textured, emotionally connected abstract acrylic on canvas paintings; Ashley has been finding inspiration from street art and graffiti art since she was a young sketcher.

“I always had a sketch pad and notebooks with me,” recalls Ashley. “I have sketch pads and notebooks piled high that are filled with my interpretation of my emotions, my life, and my view of the world. Drawing, painting, writing has always been a therapeutic practice for me that allows for great exploration of my spirit.”

Eventually, Ashley began painting. But, at first it was quite literally on anything she could find – random wood pieces, rocks, cardboard, paper; anything would do. After all, it was about the passion for creating and what would spark inspiration in the moment.

A fellow painter, introduced Ashley to the world of canvas. They met for joint painting sessions and inspired each other to create some fantastic pieces.

“It’s amazing what a little nudge of encouragement and some positive energy can do for you,” says Ashley. “I love to share the things that make my heart happy… When I’m painting, I like to go with the flow and let what I’m feeling guide my brush.”

Check out Ashley’s works below – click on the titles for more.

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