Brent Statten

Works in oil-styled acrylics, wood sculpture, mixed media and photoshop.

An accomplished paddler at home in a canoe, Statten is an autodidact, his art is inspired by a life spent close to the water, trees, and sky, at the family’s century old Canoe Lake property in Algonquin Park. A place with a long history, its own lore, characters, and unique landscapes.

His art reflects his time spent in “The Park” through 4 distinct seasons, moody skies, dusk, dawn, the Northern Lights, silhouettes of weather hewn trees, rocky shorelines and the Northwoods’ Spirit.

Sunset Shore

Wind Swept Pine


Dusk Far Shore

Whiskey Jack Night

SOLD – Sunset 

SOLD – Towards Dawn

SOLD – Air Glow

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