Brent Statten

Works in oil-styled acrylics, wood sculpture, mixed media and photoshop.

An accomplished paddler at home in a canoe, Statten is an autodidact, his art is inspired by a life spent close to the water, trees, and sky, at the family’s century old Canoe Lake property in Algonquin Park. A place with a long history, its own lore, characters, and unique landscapes.

His art reflects his time spent in “The Park” through 4 distinct seasons, moody skies, dusk, dawn, the Northern Lights, silhouettes of weather hewn trees, rocky shorelines and the Northwoods’ Spirit.

Golden Canopy

Algonquin Dusk

Study of a Sunset No. 2

Sunset Shore

Wind Swept Pine


Dusk Far Shore

Whiskey Jack Night

SOLD – Sunset 

SOLD – Towards Dawn

SOLD – Air Glow

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