Chantelle Poisson

A graduate of the Sheridan College Art Program, Chantelle Poisson brings her passion for the outdoors to each of her paintings.

A lover of hiking, kayaking and gardening, it’s only natural for Chantelle to find nature – in all it’s wonderful forms and colours – as her main muse.

“I am attracted to the flow and how it makes me feel both grounded and challenged at the same time,” she says. “I have always enjoyed art in any form since I was young. The passion to convey conversations with art has forever been in my heart.”

Her paintings are oil based as Chantelle enjoys the way the layers develop into a unified finish. However, she did start painting with acrylic.

“I find the application process of oils much more intriguing,” she says.

While nature his Chantelle’s top muse now, she is interested in painting nudes. She hopes one day to develop her skills to master the human form.

“I would also like to try fire pottery,” she says. “I find this form of pottery another way to connect to nature.”

Have a look at some of Chantelle’s paintings:


Whispers of Nature

Put Your Feet Up

That Spot


Warmth of Hudson



Muskoka Chair

SOLD: Late Portage


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