Christina Tamm

Christina Tamm

Christina is a long-time Muskokan with ties to other parts of Ontario, as well as the United States and Europe.

From a young age, she was drawn to the creative arts to express her deep feelings about everything in her life. Whether it was a way to deal with grief, display love or share a beautiful thought, Christina puts her soul into all she creates.

Studying piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music for twelve years beginning at age five, Christina graduated at level 12 which included two levels of music theory. She simultaneously studied dance while learning piano; and later studied at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Throughout her lifetime, Christina has never stopped creating magic with a brush or on the keys.

However, it wasn’t only in the standard arts where Christina could display an inventive sprit: she became a chef to help support her other passions – family, painting and more – and indeed her ingenuity paid off in the culinary arts as well.

“Creating delicious and visually appealing dishes for people is just like developing a stunning painting or a wonderful stanza,” says Christina. “They all go hand in hand.”

Most recently Christina put the finishing touches on two brilliant pieces which are for sale on

Christina was dealing with some family turmoil at the time of their creation, yet she boldly continued to paint these large canvasses against the odds.

“When picking up the brush, I felt emboldened by the light in this world,” she says. “I still feel a lot of love in my heart for life and my passion is to share it through my art. The value placed on each painting is based on the emotions that went into it.”

Christina’s creative soul exudes passion in all that she does – be it a painting, music or even a culinary project – and her love of life is evident to all.

Check out a pair of Christina’s paintings:

Planet of Flowers

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