Connie Zator

Connie has been exploring her creative side for over 40 years since taking beginner’s painting lessons as a young adult.

Over the years she experimented in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, graphite, pastel and coloured pencils; Connie even took more courses to refine some of her abilities.

Her favourite muses are trees, landscapes, animals and clouds.

“Realism is what I love to do,” says Connie. “Drawing in pencil is a new part of my artwork and love it, maybe more than painting.”

Connie also takes photos of interesting places or things she comes across to use as a visual for future artwork. As well, she says a good friend named Tom is an amazing nature photographer who allows Connie to use some of his photos when painting.

“I’m not a fast painter; I take my time with each painting until I’m happy with the results,” says Connie. “Sometimes mistakes become part of my best pieces of artwork . . . I’ve taken photos of things that are no longer there, for example an old building or animals, to use these scenes in my artwork at a later date.”

Peeking Out

Good Old Boys

Playful Pair


Quiet Fall Day

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