James Leonard

Ever since he was a child viewing works by Tom Thomson, James has been fascinated by the ability to create a sense of movement and mood in a painting.  First starting with simple crayons and pastels, then later watercolours and acrylics, he has attempted to show the world beyond the obvious.

This sense of wonder with the world has informed his work in photography as well – through shape, colour and form.  James spent much of his childhood looking inward, causing him to explore parts of the world people often overlook.  He works to find patterns and chaos, light and shadow.  And always, the flowing of colour.  Sometimes it is the movement of shapes in the rock, the tapestry of life underfoot, or how the world is reflected off a warped and forgotten window.

See and shop for James’ works:



SOLD – Still Standing



What If





Silk Road









SOLD – Fallen

SOLD – Shadows of Ghosts

As well, check out James’ contributions to The Island Three.

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