Jared Pratt

Jared Pratt has been exploring his creative side for decades, citing a “live, laugh, love” mantra when diving headfirst into his studio sessions.

Focused primarily on acrylic paint and sculpture, Jared says he uses art to express whatever emotions happen to be at the forefront when the brush hits the canvas, or the sculpting begins.

“I’ve always been interested in arts, particulary in high school due to some great teacher influences,” says Jared. “I did a few shows back in the day, but recently I’ve been just painting for myself. When some of my really persistent friends nudged me enough, I figured why not share some of the pieces with world.”

Jared’s favourite muses are people and landscapes, however he can find himself inspired by nearly anything he comes across. He loves to capture a feeling or moment as both can be very expressive.

For the future, Jared says he would like to have a better grasp of realism in his work, while also learning the art of glass blowing.

“It’s a beautiful process with stunning results,” he says. “I would love to be able to create my own.”

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Solemn Friends

SOLD – Angel

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