Jennette Conners

Jennette has been an artist for as long as she can remember; always creating and always the daydreamer.

She has engaged with many art shows, galleries and studio tours over the years; and landed a career as a medical and artistic tattoo artist.

In 2017, she decided to live her dream of building in the Northern Ontario bush, to live a simplistic, self-sustaining lifestyle with her husband Jean. Her lifestyle of bush living, hunting and trapping has come into play with her artwork.

With a lifelong affection for wildlife and nature, Jennette’s first hunt changed the direction of her fine arts.

She has done many watercolour paintings and ventured into scratchboard, each piece distinctly nature themed. Eventually, Jennette began exploring skull carvings being showcased as “After Life Skull Carvings.”

“My first hunt was such a mixture of feelings,” recalls Jennette. “Pure appreciation for the life that the deer gave to provide sustenance for my family. At the time, I did not have a background in hunting, but I knew I needed to honour the life and sacrifice of that animal. I learned how to tan hides, butcher and not waste anything. I also processed the skull and started at carving.”

The outcome was something that not many artists do – intricate details of carvings into a European mounted skull.

“It’s very similar to tattooing. Design, balance, composition and executing the art. One mistake can cost you your time and the precious skull.”

Back full swing into creating fine arts, Jennette has joined Muskoka Unlimited and will be showcasing her work throughout Northern Ontario.

Check out Jennette’s works below and click on the names for more information.

Beaver Skull

Small Beaver Skull

Small Doe Skull

Bovine Skull (small)

Snowy Owl Hunt by Moonlight


Fight to the Death 

SOLD – Swan Lake

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