Marguerite Taylor

Marguerite Taylor has been delving into artistic endeavours in one form or another for over 25 years.

Although her more recent focus is creating watercolour portraits of animals – both wild and domesticated – she previously was quite adept at sculpting with clay.

After finding herself enjoying this artform, Marguerite began making sculptures featuring characters of medieval period, golfers, Father Christmases and other figurines which were sold commercially and to collectors.

Many of these sculptures were featured in magazines and won international awards.

“Subsequently I have moved on to sculpting using the Powertex medium whereby the figurines could be placed in homes or in outdoor gardens,” she says.

Eventually, Marguerite began exploring the world of painting and for the last 13 years has dabbled in acrylics, alcohol ink, pen and ink, and finally throwing herself into watercolours.

“I love the way watercolour moves on paper and more importantly, for me, it’s environmentally safe,” she explains. “My favourite things to paint are animals. I especially love to capture the beauty in the eyes. It speaks volumes. Currently I paint mainly portraits of dogs.”

When she’s not painting, you can find Marguerite spending time on developing gardens to support nature: attracting birds in the winter and summer gives her an ongoing pleasure. As well, she enjoys going for long walks daily, especially in forested trails where she loves to observe nature.

Although always willing to explore new forms of art, she continues to be drawn to watercolours. While describing herself as a detail-oriented person, Marguerite says she would love to become loose and free in her paintings.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time and inspiration: “Having the support and championship of other artists is a good thing.”

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Black Cat Watercolour – Print

Sunflower Watercolour – Print


My First Hike

SOLD – Cat’s Eyes

Never Forgotten



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