Naomi Banks-Powell

Naomi is enthralled with capturing nature through her artistic lens. Her main muses are various bird species, but will make any unique creature the feature of her art.

In her own words: “I just really love the quirkiness of animals, like birds especially have pretty outrageous personalities so its really fun to try and imitate an attitude. Or even just their looks, birds have intense patterns and details in their plumage, which is fun to examine, or horned rams they just have this massive strong horns. Basically I enjoy animal imagery because of their impressive traits and personalities.”

She has become quite skilled at pen and ink drawings, water colour, woodcut and lino print making, while recently venturing into the world of wood burning.

However, drawing is the backbone of her practice since it is used no matter what the main medium will be and has been part of her skillset since starting out in her youth.

Calling herself a “pretty basic lady,” Naomi enjoys the outdoors thoroughly and all the activities that it entails. The simple things in life are her favourite, such as long rides, or walks through back roads listening to music, as well as being around her family.

She recently began trying her hand at pyrography and loves the practice. While working on improving those skills, Naomi is also attempting to find a way to incorporate both woodcarving and pyrography. She also loves encaustic painting, saying, “I’ve only tried it once and am horrible at it so would love to try it more.”

On the flip side, Naomi has never tried glass blowing but wants to try it one day. She says it looks incredible.

Check out exclusive, original artwork from Naomi.


Lean In

Leaving the Marsh

Stubborn Burn

To The Left


Handsome Feather

SOLD – Talking Birds

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