Natasha Banks

I try not to go into any artwork with too much of a plan.

Sometimes by the time I’ve finished the background I still haven’t decided what my subject is going to be! I always try to surrender control to the medium, I start with a textured canvas, I keep my paint a little too runny, and I allow the runs and drips to be a big part of how I decide what to do next.

I think by allowing a painting to become what it wants to be gives it a unique life and personality, which is the biggest thing I strive to achieve as an artist.

See her works:


Portrait of a Mobile Home


Palisades Park

A Prick

SOLD – Portrait of a Waxing Crescent

SOLD – Crowned

Postcard Series


Praying Mantis


Barn Owl


Pileated Woodpecker


Turkey Vulture

Black Bear

Painted Turtle

Vampire Bat


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