Pam Carnochan

Pam is the creative force behind Morgan House Wool Works Studio.

Her pieces are a stunning blend of visual beauty and incredible texture, creating an unmatched experience for those who have the pleasure of hanging the artwork in their homes.

Below is an excerpt from her artist bio as it appears on her studio site.

I am a girl from a farm and that lifestyle has shaped my entire existence. One of my earliest recollections is of a desire to have sheep, and I was also fascinated by the process of Watercolour painting trying to capture the landscapes around me in sketches and painting. It took some time to put my love of my hand dyed wool and my desire to capture the essence of the land in a pictorial form together in what I have called Watercolour with Wool. For me the wool is the most natural and real expression I can use to create my paintings and that is what I call them. They are done using the wool in fine washes of colour much like that of my watercolour paintings. The effect is very similar but with a soft texture.  

Pam has long been a supporter of fellow artists throughout Muskoka and beyond. Indeed many of her offerings on Muskoka Unlimited include iron work from local Blacksmith Deb Harkness.

Deb Harkness

Deb is a modern day ‘blacksmith forger’ who loves to challenge herself when creating new works. Whether it’s a custom piece or one of her own inspirations, each hand-made item is carefully created using all the tools and skills at Deb’s disposal; including sketching, welding, forging, and painting.

Artwork featured on Muskoka Unlimited (click on the name to learn more):

Window To My Soul

Winter Playground


Hiding Place


A New Day

Thank you to our Section Sponsor!

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