Pat Hillcoat

Pat is a landscape painter living in Muskoka, Ontario.  Very often you will see her out in the country side or on city streets painting in the open air; Plein Air painting is a favorite pastime.

“I am inspired by what I see around me every day sky, trees, barns, rocks and water. The play of colors,  growth, movement and weather all guide my hand to paint what I see,” says Pat.  “Generally, I work quickly blocking in large shapes using transparent colour; from there I add detail and highlights, building layer upon layer to create light and shadow”.

For Pat, nothing is more rewarding than painting on location — en plein air. “Being outside puts you closer to the subject, and the result is a painting with a more realistic feeling.”

Pat says she doesn’t have a specific favourite subject when painting, instead it’s whatever catches her eye at the moment.

“I most often paint landscapes — the scenery I’m seeing — but I also enjoy painting houses, barns and downtown buildings,” she says. “Living in Muskoka gives me the opportunity to visit and paint in the same locations as my Canadian icons, like Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.”

Pat studied commercial art at Studio 5316 in Montreal. Her medium of choice is acrylic although she also paints with watercolor and alcohol inks.

Painting with Alcohol Ink is something she does for fun and relaxation.

I love how the inks run together and direct what the outcome will be,” explains Pat. “My acrylic paintings rely on planning and execution. My goal is to create an interpretive impression of reality.”

Using a conceptual approach, Pat translates her personal perspective of basic elements found in nature into something that is both real and illusive.

Pat has participated in juried shows in Muskoka, Montreal, Belleville, Toronto, Texas and Florida.  She enjoys teaching and sharing her love of painting with others.

View some of Pat’s works and learn more by clicking the title:

Trilliums in the Shadow


Hidden Lake

Bracebridge Falls

Downward Spiral

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