Shawn Stockman

Shawn Stockman has been creatively inclined since he could fill in colouring books as child.
Since then he has been sketching, painting and digitally designing for almost 40 years, adding the skill of sculpting stone over the last two decades.

Working in all mediums – from Soapstone to Alabaster for sculpting; water colours, acrylic and oil for painting – Shawn also has some wonderful pieces of Nature’s Art.

“Nature’s Art are pieces as found in nature with only modest detailing to help bring the magic to life.”

His muses change depending on the artwork Shawn is creating; with many paintings influenced by flowers, sunsets or sunrises, animals and other stunning parts of the environment.

“I do however sculpt primarily bears,” says Shawn. “I love the magnificent beauty, yet incredible power of a bear.”

Also a vocalist, Shawn enjoys songwriting and has done many stage performances around the globe and at home.

Having tried chainsaw work at a modest level, he would love to further explore this techinque. However, he does have one large boathouse mascot called Medussa that is an example of Nature’s Art detailed with a chainsaw.

As for something he has yet to try, Shawn says throwing paint looks like an interesting technique to explore.

“I have seen example of artists who literally throw paint by the handful to arrive at spectacular results.”

Check out Shawn’s work by clicking on the names below.

I’ve Got Sunshine, On A Cloudy Day

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