Stacey Thornton

A lifelong thirst for dipping a brush into paint and adding brilliance to a blank canvas became a reality for Stacey Thornton when the pandemic began.

Her barbershop/salon Orbis Muskoka (in Downtown Huntsville) was shut down. Rather than let it get her down, Stacey began experimenting and creating amazing acrylic paintings. Although much of her work explores her imagination through abstract works, she does delve into real-life now and again.

Anything and everything can be her muse – be it animals, trees, people or places – while she loves finding inspiration and splendor through Dutch pours. For the uninitiated, a Dutch pour is a technique which uses air to manipulate paint on a canvas.

As Stacey notes about Dutch pours, “I enjoy seeing how the colours merge together.”

When not painting or running Orbis Muskoka, Stacey spends time with her daughter and walking her dogs.

The long-time Muskokan is intrigued by oil painting and says she intends to dabble in the medium in the future. For now, Stacey will continue growing her collection of acrylic paintings and perfecting her skills.

“I feel you can always get better at everything all the time. You’re never truly a ‘professional’ unless you’re always learning. You can never ‘know it all.’”

The following are Stacey’s paintings being showcased on Muskoka Unlimited:


Un Named

Fluid Fleur


Deep Thoughts

Metallic Madness




Serene Dream


The Parted Sea

Butterfly Flight

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