Where women are sensitive, Delicate in their manner, Men are strong, Precise in their grammar, Where women are beauty, Oldest of its standard, Men are noble, Kings of glamour, Women are smooth, They are elegant, Where as men are rough and gallant Women search the soul, For a matching pair, While men stop to stare,... Continue Reading →


Her heart Shrouded in woe Testifying to a woman Broken in spirit Gave rise to a man's Endeavor to revive Dead hope in her eyes Skillfully dismantling reasons why Loving all the pieces she cast aside Allowing romance to survive He bent down touching scars Feeling her love drip Into a pool of questions Staring... Continue Reading →

Lovers Chase by D’Anthony Nance

I play songs on her ribcage like a xylophone, melodic sounds reverberating through my bones, finds me dancing to a rhythm nobody knows infused with powerful waves of euphoric feelings I struggle to ignore. Shivers rack my body when her eyes lock onto the oblivion that is my soul, searching throughout my constellations for the... Continue Reading →

Dear Brother

Poetry by D'Anthony Nance Without warning tears fell from my eyes. Staring into the mirror I wondered why? It's been months since you died And not since the funeral have I cried It seems I've held back this pain Because there is nothing for me to gain I cannot hear your laughter Nor can I... Continue Reading →

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