His Will Be Done

By D'Anthony Nance Sweat pouring, blisters forming I move every brick with determined focus Because the foundation I will call home Needs to be sturdy enough To house my wife's laughter And my son's future Even on the hard days When my body aches from stress I will always remain resilient For I am the... Continue Reading →

When Healing is Needed

Poetry By D'Anthony Nance Footsteps sound down the corridor Rusty hinges opening doors Revealing a heart full of clutter But, not for long Starting with past insecurities I remove every bandaid Upon old scars Washing away the regret That has stayed I wax tear stained floors And dust the cobwebs in the corners Creating a... Continue Reading →

Awoken – Chapter V

From Random Words, Random Stories by Christopher Occhiuzzi   Arriving at the lab’s security gates, my escorts go through the typical routine: ID badges are shown and approved. Then the plump, not-so-bright security guard – who probably didn’t finish high school – looks at me in the back seat and nods. “ID please,” he says.... Continue Reading →

Imagination by D’Anthony Nance

Beneath midnight stars a woman stood gazing. Searching for the one beyond her imagination, who called her name gently tonight. The moon painted the darkness with subtle hints of trepidation that bespoke of the chill crawling up her spine. Fog blanketed the ground like winters first frost, giving her gown a train all the ladies... Continue Reading →

Lovers Reality

A Poem By D'Anthony Nance I believed in eternity, while she believed in the moment Looking back I regret the timing She was the ocean that commanded the moon,  staring at her beauty my heart swooned.  Listening to my unsteady breathing I knew this love was through Sirens called for me to see As the... Continue Reading →

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