Nine through Twelve

By Kate Silverthorne Grade 8 Chapter 1 Chloe is a fourteen year old girl. She is beginning high school in a week and has been stressing about it for a while. She’s especially upset to leave her best friend Melanie, who is a year younger than her. Melanie and Chloe have been best friends for... Continue Reading →


By Morgan May Grade 7 In a colorless room where life seems to stop would you expect that a young girl with a colorless dress would be serving her time? Chapter 1 Crayolina Rat was below average. Her grade average was a D. She had no friends and everyone at school despised her. Her nickname... Continue Reading →

The Murderer

By Ellie Wendell Grade 8 Prologue I’m weightless for just a moment.  Then, I crash down into the freezing cold river. I can’t hear anything but fast, splashing water. I get pulled along the current, I don’t really know how fast I am going, but I know it will be fast enough to be dangerous.... Continue Reading →

Camping Adventures

By Parker Bullen Grade 7  Car Ride: OLIVA Hello, my name is Oliva Marie Davis and I'm ten years old. You probably already heard about me from my brother Jacob but I'm not the worst - that is only what he thinks, trust me. On Friday night, Mom and Dad told us we were going... Continue Reading →

Dahlia’s New World

By Margot Fleming Grade 7  Chapter 1 As I trekked up the hill further and further I said goodbye to my old life and let the fog consume me. The wind whipped at my ears and my bones shivered from the cold. I was finally doing it. I was finally here. I found the eye... Continue Reading →

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