Dave Caplan visits the Muskoka Unlimited Podcast

Outgoing Huntsville Soccer Club President joins Muskoka Unlimited Podcast host Chris Occhiuzzi (also the Adult Coordinator for the Soccer Club) to discuss soccer in the community and the region as a whole, why it's good to be a volunteer, what the future looks like and much more.

Aimee Sinclair joins Chris for the Podcast

Fitness pro Aimee Sinclair joins Chris to discuss what she's been doing to stay active and help others be active during COVID. She offers some insight and tips for fitness around the home or cottage, should you need to quarantine or isolate for an extended period of time.

Muskoka Pride’s Shawn Forth joins Chris

A light yet informative chat about Muskoka Pride with Shawn Forth, who has been with the organization since its inception. We chat about programs in the face of COVID, adjustments made to Pride Week, other supports and non-profits they help support, as well as how communication and learning from each other will lead to better... Continue Reading →

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