The Call of Adventure

Chapter 1 As they rode in the wagon, Fred, Buck, Carla and Leo were very excited and a little bit nervous. Today they would finally be joining Brokose school of witchcraft. They had all received invitations in the mail to join. They were told to meet the wagon in front of their houses at midnight.... Continue Reading →

Nine through Twelve

By Kate Silverthorne Grade 8 Chapter 1 Chloe is a fourteen year old girl. She is beginning high school in a week and has been stressing about it for a while. She’s especially upset to leave her best friend Melanie, who is a year younger than her. Melanie and Chloe have been best friends for... Continue Reading →


By Morgan May Grade 7 In a colorless room where life seems to stop would you expect that a young girl with a colorless dress would be serving her time? Chapter 1 Crayolina Rat was below average. Her grade average was a D. She had no friends and everyone at school despised her. Her nickname... Continue Reading →

The Murderer

By Ellie Wendell Grade 8 Prologue I’m weightless for just a moment.  Then, I crash down into the freezing cold river. I can’t hear anything but fast, splashing water. I get pulled along the current, I don’t really know how fast I am going, but I know it will be fast enough to be dangerous.... Continue Reading →

Camping Adventures

By Parker Bullen Grade 7  Car Ride: OLIVA Hello, my name is Oliva Marie Davis and I'm ten years old. You probably already heard about me from my brother Jacob but I'm not the worst - that is only what he thinks, trust me. On Friday night, Mom and Dad told us we were going... Continue Reading →

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