Christopher Occhiuzzi

With almost two decades writing experience as a passionate member of the media – in standard journalism, creative content and marketing – Chris has proudly developed the ability to write in a variety of styles. His news and feature pieces have appeared in print and online for a many outlets including the Ottawa Sun, Muskoka Magazine, What’s Up Muskoka and Dockside Publishing.

He loves adding new skills to his tool box and is constantly learning how to be a better writer while enjoying this journey through life. Whether on his notepad or at the computer, Chris brings love to his work. It’s the same passion he has as a coach, player or fan at the football (soccer) pitch. With photography as a fun hobby and former job requirement, Chris is also working on developing his skills behind the lens. Thanks to Hunters Bay Radio (The Bay 88.7 FM), he has learned – and is still learning – the necessary skills to be a strong host of the podcasts featured on the air and on this website.

Check out some of Chris’ contributions:


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Excerpts and Opinion Pieces

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